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We want to be Divine Empresses and rule the World and the Universe
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Femdom is not a sexual aberration or perversion. It is a normal erotic and spiritual inclination that a minority of people have.
Femdom if done sanely, is good for outstanding teen girls whose prestige and sense of empowerment increases as their lackey serve, adore and obey them. Femdom is good for people who have the inclination to be humble and subservient to superior teen girls, because it makes them feel useful, puts them in contact with superb girls that they would not have the chance to approach as equals. Therefore Femdom is mutually beneficial for Teen Girls with an instinct for authority and for people (including other women) who have the desire to submit to their power

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Femdom pony ride
pregnant femdom
femdom foot worship
femdom shoulder ride
femdom foot on the face

Reality check:
Female domination, if well done, benefits males


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Madonna orders dancer to kiss her foot

It happened on September 21, 2015

When a male backup dancer arrived late for rehearsal, a source said Madonna told him, “You have to kiss my foot.”
The dancer thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t. He got down on bended knee and submitted.

Madonna in a 2015 show
Madonna orders dancer to kiss her foot

Ms. Rihanna shoulder riding in Public

Yes to Femdom!!!
Rhianna Equestrian femdom Ride


Lila Sovietskay opinion of the photo
Excellent photo. I like her attitude. However I feel that the guy's posture is incorrect. He should look down, like a donkey does, and not straight at the camera. The posture is not very submissive. It would be her right to beat him like a donkey till he understand the proper posture to maintain while carrying an august lady

Article for those who feel guilty of their pro femdom inclination
Spice Girls
The Spice Girls - Femdom Art for the general public
Photo shows that femdom has appeal outside the circle of femdom enthusists
Many great artists have a femdom strek.

The fetish culture is becoming more prevalent in Western media.
Depictions of dominatrices in film and television have become more common

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Presenting Taylor Swift as it appeared in YouTube in "Bad Blood"
The Femdom message is implicit and clear

Presenting Britney Spears in Work Bitch as it appeared in YouTube
The Femdom message is implicit and clear

Femdom Theme in mainstream media