Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom is an organization dedicated to promote the benefits of youthful female domination for the benefit of outstanding girls and their lackeys
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Bossy Girls - International Teen Femdom Mission

Submission to a splendid teen girl is a wonderful act of love Create a social and spiritual community of femdom oriented people through social and intellectual participation Disassociate femdom from BDSM and Fetishism and present it as a thrilling fantasy game Improve femdom understanding to present to the world a positive image. The goal is to discard negative concepts about femdom. Make people feel that their inclinations to dominance or submission are good and of mutual benefit to boss and subject.
Mission Statements
♫Adoration and veneration of young domineering girls as divine princesses

♫Submission to their whims as heavenly mandates

♫Spread the worship of authoritarian teen girls as a heavenly mandate for the weak and vacillating who have the desire to be under the leadership outstanding teen girls.
♫Provide entertaining entertaining and inspirational teen femdom media. Domination by valiant superb girls is a Heavenly gift for those who respect and adore these domineering superb girls.
Authoritarian Girls are bosses that you love to serve, obey and adore. This is female supremacy at its best. Bossy Girls International Teen femdom is for people who are eager and enthusiastic to submit to superb dominant girls. Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom is dedicated to provide entertaining and inspiring multimedia to the femdom community at the lowest price economically feasible. We are dedicated to show to the world that femdom is a personal lifestyle choice or erotic fantasy and not a sexual deviation. 

The desire for femdom is shared by a world wide minority. Femdom s like a religion, those outside of a religion, find that religion erroneous and absurd. The femdom community should be free to worship outstanding young girls and treat them as divine royalty and the superb young  girls should have the right to exploit to their advantage the multitude of people eager  to be their worshipping peons and lackeys. We want to have a teen femdom center where subscribers feel part of a community of people sharing the same ideals. We strive to be a forum where people share ideas, find friends, or ideally teen girls to serve and adore.

Teen girls 18-23 will easily select  people that they can use for their fun and profit.  We want to show you entertaining teen femdom material, photo, video, and inspiring narrative at moderate prices. We try to have original material that emphasizes that femdom can be an exciting activity that benefits both the boss and her subject. This is a place where those willing to submit to superb teen girls can one day find the dream boss. Here divine princesses can find a great number of peoples ready to obey them and threat them as they command. We help assertive teen girls take advantage of their power. We are a quality place where good subscribers service is a reality. We give prompt response to inquiries, troubleshooting, technical support for web site issues or contents. We are a place that provides a way to send feedback through the forums and polls. 

We encourage members be participants. Many people who are interested in femdom feel ashamed or guilty of these interests. At Bossy Girls  we want them to feel good about themselves and their inclinations to dominance or submission. Teen femdom can be very thrilling if common sense is applied. Those who feel miserable about their inclinations can learn here to see themselves as good decent people who like femdom games and have a nature that is dominant, submissive or both.

The adult site Bossy Girls, http://bossy-girls.net is a commercial site dedicated to Femdom, Female Domination. It offers a lot of Femdom oriented media. Unlike other adult commercial sites, this one is unusual. It evangelizes Femdom inclinations that a sexual minority has, as a win-win relation where submissive people and dominant girls exercise a mutually satisfying activity

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