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Article by Sylvia Camionera

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Femdom videos appeal to a minority of people who appreciate and support female domination. Some people dislike them, For most people such videos are difficult to understand or appreciate and appear senseless
Here are a few facts about what cannot and should not be shown in Femdom videos:

Unnatural sex acts, example human-animal sex
Cruelty to animals
Any act forbidden by local law. Do not buy or ider such videos if they are forbidden in your locale
All femdom videos are done by people who volunteer for such action. There is no coercion to participate in such videos
Here is what Femdom videos show:
Foot worship
Face sitting
Ass adoration
Flagellation, whipping, canning and beatdowns
Golden showers also known as femdom Watersports (Girls pissing on their submissive volunteer)
Shoulder rides and back-rides by girls using their submissive volunteers. This is also known as Equestrian Femdom and PonyBoy riding
Ashtray games also known as smoking femdom
Spitting also knwn as spittoon games
Teasing, Verbal Insults
Slave training. Example: footwashing, spitto
Goddess Worship
Sample videos can be seen in Femdom JukeBox
Our media can be seen in Previews and from links at Femdom Media

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