Yoni Puja - Veneration of the Vagina

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In short and abstract terms, a YONI (VAGINA) Puja can be defined as a sacred ritual during which the YONI (VAGINA) is worshiped. This can occur by using a sacred sculpture, a painting, or a sanctified natural object as focus of veneration, or by worshiping the YONI in HER living form – that of a living WOMAN which is the best because here we have a real living WOMAN who personifies the Great YONI GODDESS.

In any case, the worshiper engages in one-pointed meditation on, or visualization of, the thus venerated representation of the GODDESS. In practical reality, however, and in the religious practice that is still very much alive in present-day India, a YONI Puja is a much more detailed, strange (to some), intimate (to others) or hardly believable (again to others) manner of religious worship; a ritual that goes back thousands of years, yet one that is still practiced today.

Many are the actual forms this ritual can take in practical detail. Considering the vastness of India, and the multi-sectarian nature of what is called Hinduism, this is quite understandable and should come as no surprise. There are, however, several ritual elements, and a very clear symbolism, that constitute a kind of blueprint for the YONI Puja, in whatever local variety it may appear.

There are several basic subdivisions of what is called the YONI Puja. There are inner and outer pujas, and each of these can occur in either an ordinary or a secret form. Apart from this, again, the YONI Puja is subdivided into three categories, each of which can be indicated by one of the following terms: adoration, magic, and meditation; with the latter being the most secret one. Inner, in this context, refers to the fact that the practice is being done inside one's head, using visualization, rather than visibly in the outer, material world. Outer, of course, then refers to a visible ritual of one or more persons before an object or a WOMAN. The latter type of YONI Puja is often performed in mixed groups of men and WOMEN attending.

A more detailed and intimate YONI Puja, and one which many may find unbelievable to some is performed in the following way.

At the onset everybody has to strip of all their garments and remain naked at all times. The WOMEN present consume copious amounts of fluids like tender coconut water and other forms of liquids. This is for a very special purpose.

The YONI-puja is, performed with the DEVI (GODDESS) who would preferably be a voluptuous and well endowed STRI (WOMAN) as HER (GODDESS') living representative; five liquids are poured over the YONI. In literature, such libations are often simply interpreted as an offering to the Divine, but the actual practice of a YONI Puja shows that there is more involved than that.

The five liquids are Yogurt, Water, Honey, Milk and Edible oil. These five liquids represent the five elements of Indian cosmology. In this system of associations, the element Earth is represented by Yogurt, the element Water by actual Water, Fire by Honey, Air by Milk; and Ether is represented by one or another type of Edible oil.

All these five liquids are poured consecutively over the YONI of the WOMAN, and are collected in a very large vessel below the thighs of the WOMAN. The final mixture, resulting from the five libations and empowered by such direct and intimate contact with the (living) GODDESS, is then consumed only by the men present at the ritual.

But before the consumption of this mixture, the WOMAN; being the human representative of the Great GODDESS has to purify this mixture. SHE does this empowering and purification by urinating into the vessel containing this mixture.

This means that once these substances have been offered to HER, SHE, having purified and energized them by HER Holy and Sacred Urine, returns the offering to the other WOMEN present (who also represent the Great GODDESS).

The other WOMEN then also proceed to urinate into the vessel thus further empowering, energizing and purifying this mixture. ( it is for this Holy ritual that the WOMEN consumed copious amounts of fluids mentioned above). This energized and empowered mixture is then kept aside so that all fluids may be well blended with each other.

Later on this empowered, energized and purified mixture is to be given to the men as a holy Prasad (gift) which has to be consumed by the men at the end of the holy ritual. Once again all WOMEN consume copious amounts of fluids for yet another very important ritual which would be performed later.

After this everybody stands facing the Holy YONI. They begin with the "WOMAN is the Foundation" credo that begins with every such ceremony. Now only the WOMEN participating in the ceremony will recite the "I AM THE WOMAN" prayer mentioned below while the men kneel or prostrate themselves on the floor with their eyes fixed on the Great, Mighty and Holy YONI.

The WOMEN then place one of their legs on the mans' head and pushing it down into the ground begin the prayer (of course in their local dialect which when translated is as follows)

“I am The WOMAN. I am the living incarnation of the Supreme GODDESS. I am a Superior being; far more Superior to a mere man as I am the proud possessor of the Great, Holy and Mighty YONI. I am The GODDESS and MY YONI is the most Sacred Temple which has to be worshiped by all men forever. I am the giver and taker of life of all men. I am the Creator of men. I give birth to the man and all his dreams. I precede every man. I have the Supreme Authority to make or break every man. No man is complete without ME. Without ME a man is worthless. A man wholly and solely depends on ME for his survival. All men are inferior to ME. All men are MY Slaves. No man can compare himself to ME. No man can be equal to ME as MY Strong and Powerful YONI is far Greater and Superior to a man’s inferior lingam (penis). A man’s inferior lingam (penis) has been created solely for MY pleasure and solely to serve ME and hence it is of little or practically no significance to ME. I and MY Holy YONI can use or abuse a man's inferior lingam (penis) whenever and however I prefer. MY Holy and Superior YONI can engulf and swallow the whole length of the man’s inferior lingam (penis) and SHE can reduce the man’s inferior lingam (penis) to ashes wherever and whenever SHE chooses. MY Superior YONI can destroy a man's inferior lingam (penis) within minutes. Hence the man’s inferior lingam (penis) is no match for MY Superior YONI. A man lives at the mercy of MY Superior YONI. I am Holy. MY YONI is Holy. MY YONI is Sacred. MY YONI is Divine. MY YONI is all Powerful”.

After reciting this prayer all WOMEN seat themselves in highly intricate and superbly designed high end chairs.

After this, all men prostrate themselves before the Great YONI and they recite the following males’ prayer.

“i am a man. i am an inferior being. i am inferior to a WOMAN as i have a lingam (penis) which is inferior to the Great, Holy, Mighty and all Powerful YONI. i and my inferior lingam (penis) are just humble worshipers of the WOMAN and HER Mighty all Powerful and Holy YONI. SHE is the GODDESS and i and my inferior lingam (penis) is HER Slave. i am incomplete without a WOMAN. i am totally dependent on a WOMAN for my survival. i am not worthy of even licking the soles of the feet of the WOMAN. my place will always be under the feet of my GODDESS, the WOMAN. i know that i am born out of a Superior YONI and i will always be forever grateful to HER for that. i know and acknowledge that i can never be equal to a WOMAN as i know that my lingam (penis) is inferior and it will always be inferior to HER Superior and Holy YONI. i also know and acknowledge that a WOMAN’S Mighty YONI can literally destroy any man's inferior lingam (penis) with HER strong and powerful constricting YONI muscles at any time, if SHE so wishes. if i am alive today it is because of the mercies of the WOMAN and HER Great, Mighty, Holy and Superior YONI. i am aware that it is my duty that i am bound to Love, Honor, Respect and above all Obey all the Commands of my GODDESS the WOMAN and HER Holy YONI. i am extremely grateful and thankful to the WOMAN and HER Superior YONI for having given me, a worthless inferior being, to Love,Serve, Obey and please HER. i pledge my life to Worship my GODDESS and HER YONI forever and at all times. i also understand and accept the fact that the Superior WOMAN would have every right to punish me at any time and in any way SHE feels appropriate if SHE is not happy with me or my humble services to HER or for any other faults or misdeeds of mine and i dare not oppose HER or object to any of HER punishments, however harsh they may be. i will be pleased to receive any sort of punishment the SHE chooses to inflict on me. Praise be to the WOMAN and Praise and Glory be to Her Holy YONI amen”.

Everyone then says the Sacred Temple of the Flesh (Woman is the Foundation) prayer given below.

"The YONI is Holy. The YONI is Sacred. The YONI is Divine. The YONI is Powerful. The YONI is the Temple, the Shrine, and the Altar. The YONI is a sanctuary, a place of refuge, a place of peace. The YONI is the place where life begins, where life grows, where life is nourished. The YONI is the place from whence I come, where I began my long journey, where I once basked in the glow of The Light, where I sat surrounded by The Mother's flesh, where I was safe from harm, protected and sheltered, where I was at peace. The YONI is the sacred place of my origin. I owe my life to the great YONI”.

Then the men say:

“I bow now in reverence to the Sacred, the Divine place where the Power of the Great Mother shines in HER greatest Glory. I offer my soul in thanks and praise to the eternal Beauty and Majesty of the most precious of all the Divine places of the world."

Now it is time for the men to consume the holy mixture. But before they can consume this Energized, Purified and Holy mixture the men have to purify their bodies with a bathing ritual. This unique holy ritual is performed by all the men lying together on the floor and all WOMEN standing over them and urinating on them. ( this is the second ritual for which the WOMEN consumed copious amounts of fluids). Thus when all men have been bathed with the sacred juices emerging from the YONI of every WOMAN, the men's bodies are now ritually clean and they are ready to consume the Holy, Energized and Purified mixture.

The men sit in a circle and each of the men takes a scoopful of this mixture in his hand and first anoints his head by pouring it over his head. Then each of them takes a sip or two from the vessel containing the mixture of the five liquids and the urine of the GODDESS and of the other WOMEN and then they pass it on to the other men present, until all men have anointed their heads and drank of the precious, sacred mixture.

However while consuming of this Holy mixture the men should be very careful so as not to spill even a single drop of this Precious and Holy mixture or else they will all be punished. So the men are extremely cautious while performing this activity of consumption of the Precious Holy mixture.

After this ritual is completed, all WOMEN then sit silently on their chairs for several minutes, staring at the Holy YONI, meditating on its beauty, while all men lie prostrate on the ground before the Holy YONI, not daring to look directly at HER.

Everyone then stands and dances as the spirit moves. Eventually everyone stops dancing.

Then all WOMEN sit on their high end chairs with their legs spread wide apart and each man takes turns to kneel in between the thighs of the every WOMAN and bow before HER, pay obeisance, lick and kiss HER Holy YONI. Every man has to remain in the kneeling position and continue kissing the WOMAN’S YONI until SHE orders him to stop. Some WOMEN do not permit the men to stop until they have achieved several orgasms.

Then the men have to resume to their prostrated position at the feet of the WOMEN and present themselves as footstools for the WOMEN. Till such time the man has to pay obeisance to HER Great and Holy YONI. Then everyone says the "Woman is the Foundation" prayer once again.

To help you in this ritual the sacred image of Loira's Yoni is shown below to help you mediated on female supremacy
You should kneel naked in front of the Holy Image of the Devi Loira to meditate on female supremacy. No masturbation is allowed. Male organ erection is honorable. Your meditation should be sincere and followed by financial contribution and mention of Worship of the Devi Loira. Those who cannot contribute should do some service

Vagina Worship
Ms. Loira the Devi

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