The Submissive man and women

By Lila Sovietskaya

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Being under control is reassuring
Submission generates a feeling of safety (of being protected). The need to submit to outstanding girls comes form the mother archetype. It is one of the main main reasons for the desire to submit

Perfect relationship
A relationship where each one appreciate his and her role is perfect. It pleases both. A dominant girl gives orders the submissive is eager to obey and be under her rule

Believing in Girls superiority
Though girls are not as physically strong as men, there are some outstanding girls who are superior to men and other girls in intellect, stature and even strength. These are the superior girls that have these qualities. Submissive people recognize these qualities and want to benefit from their domination

Submission is an act of love. Dominance is an act of accepting the submissive love. Love cam make people want to do anything that the dominant girl wants. A dominant girl could love a submissive the same way she would love a docile pet. Femdom is an act of love by submissive men and women toward superior girls who should be appreciate for exhibiting dominant behavior over those who yearn for their authority.

There is a strong spiritual desire to worship young outstanding girls as goddesses. This shows up in main stream society with the nearly fanatical worship of female idols in the arts. It is easier for a believer in female domination to worship a superior girl than for the superior girl to feel her goddess power.
There is a feeling of religiosity when submissive people adore superior girls.

The photo of Ms. Pilar receiving homage through humble foot worship expresses submissive attitude ny some men

Submissive men
The worship of Pilar's foot