FEMDOM Humiliation

Go to Femdom Articles Besides pissing on people faces to make them feel humble, a more extreme form of humiliation is food humiliation. You crush food with your dirty feet then make the submissive prostate on the ground and push his head with your foot on the plate or floor to make eat the food.

Another fine humiliation is to make the guy observe your sexual activity and make him serve beverages while we have fun and get him to clean and suck your partner dick.

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The humility experience helps the subject to remove his dignity to aggrandize the girls power and prestige and this is an act of love. In addition it helps to recognize inferiority and accept it while serving with love the superior girls who take care of humbling you.

Voluntary humiliation can be good for some people, however it might be psychologically devastating to acknowledge inferiority to many. I seek to give a positive humiliation that will make my subject feel good about being humble. Unwanted humiliation is always bad. Never do to others what you do not want others to do to you is a golden rule. The exception is when a dominant girl does something that she cannot accept to receive because then she would no longer be dominant.

A good dominant girl humiliates not so much to hurt but to amuse herself and do something thrilling and positive for the humiliated. never seek a humiliation experience that will make you feel bad

A good piss on face is fun and thrilling and an expression of girls empowerment

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