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Article Sylvia Camionera

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1. Humiliate the sub (or slave) verbally, or make them do things such as licking boots, dressing them up in some way, and taking them out in public. 2. Penetrate the sub with sex toys, strapons, or other mutually agreed upon objects.
3. Control the sub with bondage, blindfolds, and gags.
4. Spank, whip or strike the sub. A variation of this is the dangerous practice of ballkicking
5. Practice water sports (pissing on submissive is commonly called Golden Showers)
6. Do any number of different role play scenarios such as prison matron and a prisoner, boss and worker, or mean teacher and student.
7. Engage in pony play or training where the sub role plays as a pony for cart ponies, riding ponies or show ponies.
8. Put a leash and collar on the sub (this can involve sub role playing as a dog).
9. Facesit (also called queening) with a sub.
10. Squash the sub (very strong and big femdom needed for this) with their body.
11. Do forced feminization, aka compel the male sub to dress as a female.
12. Financial Domination. There is a lot of resistance to this type of domination because submissives love money more than femdom. Also there is resistance to doing any work to promote femdom. Many people are lazy bastards who expect femdom to meet their needs without their exertion or contribution. If they seek free satisfaction they should attend religious services. Even there, in sites of worship, request for labor and money is asked, because buildings and organizations cost money and need volunteers to work

Femdom manifest itself in many forms. There's probably a dominatrix for every kind of preference or fetish, and a session with a femdom does not have to include sex or orgasm. Some submissive may never reach climax. The relationship between a femdom and a submissive can be satisfying in many ways. Being with a femdom isn't only about pain and/or punishment — it's about release and satisfaction.

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A good piss on face is fun and thrilling and an expression of girls empowerment

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