Female Supremacism

For Believers in Female Supremacy

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There is a misunderstanding about Female Supremacy that many male supporters have. A Fem Supremacist is not here to serve your desires, you are here to serve our desires. it can happen that the girl desire to do strapon coincides with male pleasure to be s.....d however the goal is to please the female leader. True believers in Female Supremacism should be ready to selflessly put themselves to use by their Female Superiors. Their pleasure would be the satisfaction to be under Female Rule. The sexual desires that they have are subordinate to what the Female wants. Give yourself this self test. Go to my slave recrutment page http://bossy-girls.net/Tech/Femdom-Legion.htm and see if you truly want to work for us and finance us. If you do not, then it means that you see Female Supremacy only as an outlet of your fantasies. Love is selfless. Submission to female Supremacy s an act of Love for female leadership. It should be selfless. Do not ask what Female Supremacy can do for you, ask what can you do for Female Supremacism. Let's see if you will slave for the Bossy Girls or contribute money or find lame excused to do nothing

Humbly and selflessy submit to Female Suprumacy through work and financial support
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