Farting FEMDOM

by Lila Sovietskaya

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It satisfies both the hearing and smelling senses. In addition it has a visual appeal. Like all fetishes, it might appear strange to those who do not have this inclination. A good fart can help to make a statement between superior dominant girl and submissive guy. The fating girl is in a position of authority. For health reason avoid kissing the farting ass.

The best farts are delivered when not wearing underwear with full vision of the emitting source. Smell can have erotic power. Perfumes have sex appeal and so do farts. There are various farting sounds. The 'swish' prolonged sound, like hiss and the 'pop' sound Minor Emission of feces can occur during farting. If this is possible or can be inadvertently done, then use a glass between source and recipient. Feces is never healthy. the main satisfaction for a girl is the power to do something seen as impolite and be admired for doing it. Play well and stay healthy. Decent slaves must be healthy and intelligent enough to follow girls directives
Eating garlic and onions helps a lot the fart smell sensation

Sites that have some farting media