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Oh Lord give us an angel to adore Holy images change daily
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We will publish on this page any prayer to the goddesses that you wish to submit.
Published with credit to you or anonmously
Ms Jennifer
Mistress Jennifer & BestFemdomVideo Daily Penance
Pantyhose Femdom
Pantyhose Supremacy Daily Worship

Mistress Amber
 Mistress Amber

Pain in the neck liturgy

She's Boss
She's Boss Incantation
Femdom picture of the dayFemdom photo of the day
Femdom Empire Delights
Lift your spirits!
There is a female heaven above you

Pages that have prayers


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Sara' Chapel
Socks Slaves Prayer

Why Femdom prayers?

Femdom, besides its erotic appeal, has also a spiritual appeal. Submissive people seek the religious experience in veneration and adoration of earthly goddesses. There is an instinct to look up to somebody superior that needs an outlet. Femdom provides that outlet. The earthly goddesses, for a magic instant become the manifestation of the deity. At Bossy Girls we have several pages, that besides their commercial purpose, provide the religious experience that many seek. All religions when seen by another religion viewpoint or by atheists appear absurd. Femdom Worship as a religion seems absurd to those who do not practice it
Common Femdom Lituhrgy rites
Foot Worship
Femdom Baptism (Golden showers) The humilty ritual

Spin me like a wheel?

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Submissive Male Theater

A seminary for slaves

The Joy of Penance

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