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Tech problems?
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We can give tech support in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages require more time to respond
If you are lost in space you may beam through subspace channel to us. We help fix hyperdrives

1. I cannot see banner ads. Example:
The issue might be due to Norton security could be set to block advertising. Norton would interpret the code on that page as advertising and block it. If this is not the case, contact us with details

2. Radio problem [Old issue Radio music was removed]
Music is available for Bossy Girls Subscribers if they select it on entrance page

The music will not play at and the User gets RealPlayer error messages. Click Solution

3. AVI Problem
If you click a thumbnail linked to an AVI video clip, you are not using the thumbnail as it is designed. You might get a distorted video. The AVI clips linked to thumbnails are meant to be saved on you PC to be viewed. This can be done by right clicking the thumbnail and selecting 'Save as...'  Moreover, the AVI will not start automatically, you must press the play button. Some people will be lucky, because of their browser configuration, the player will be launched independently of the browser. Also, remember that unlike in Heaven or Hell there is no instant gratification or punishment, you must wait for the download.

4. Problems with ASF files (Streaming Video)

5. Problem with Chrome's Waiting for availble cache
6. Trouble seeing image?  See fix