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Jack Smart said: Why Pay money to see videos?
There are thousands of free videos on the internet
Free femdom Videos

1. What you see for free on internet are short trailers issued by producers to promote their products.

2. The trailers tend to be short and not in full resolution

3. Do you really expect people to work hard and spend their money so that you can see free videos?

Why should the girls spend their money and time to amuse you for free? Do they obtain free boots from merchants?

4. You can spend hours searching for what you want to see for free. Your time is free to waste. You can hop from site to site with risk of catching viruses and spyware to see see these free videos

5. The free videos are free because web site owners and producers hope that you will spend money to see the real thing. If you spend nothing, one day there will be only old stuff to see again. They will not keep spending money to entertain you for free

6. Where can you go and see hours of uninterrupted femdom videos? Girl Domination

7. Hackers value our productions very much
On October 1, 2009 we had 3471 unsuccessful attempts with 2266 different usernames to login from 335 different IP ranges from 122 ISPs in 40 countries.. Hackers prove that we are a high value site.

8. If you insist in seeing free videos you will find hundreds of them at our site.
Best place to start are:Femdom Headquarter and Free Femdom Galleries

9. There is an atmosphere of hostility against adult sites. Freedom to chose what you want to see is under attack. Do not assume that you will be able to see forever free videos. the collection that you build for yourself is precious

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