WARNINGS to potential subscribers

Pirates will be shot and hangedThere are no refunds, Same rule as in restaurants and movie theaters. Those who commit fraud to gain access to the subscription area will be denounced to their local authorities and/or to their bank as thieves. We cannot stay in business to entertain criminals who defraud us. We have real expenses that we pay with real money. People who have defrauded us are listed in the Fraud Watch and reported to the Internet Crime Complaint regardless of country of origin

Visit this site. StrongBox protects our site security with state of the art software and detects and blocks password sharers including original owner. Strongbox blocks accounts that are found to be shared. We do not refund. Do not share password and keep password well guarded. Throttlebox - Intelligent Bandwidth Control controls those who want to gobble up the whole site in short time Verotel. CCBill and other subscriber processors take fraud very seriously. Those who commit fraud once, are placed in a shared list of people to reject. We do not know how they do it, however, they block you even when you use different credit card PASSWORD SHARING We use the services of Degban to fon people who share our media and have them removed under peanlty of international laws. We have anti-password sharing program. If software detects password sharing, logging from more than two PC or one country, subscription is blocked and there are no refunds. How popular are we with people who want to access this site without paying? Very Much