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Teen Girls Femdom is good for the peasants.
Make them tile the ground and exploit them as much as you want. They were born to be your slaves
peons for girls
Queen of Latrines

Teen Girls femdom is good for peasants, peons and wimps
Yes, Teen Girls should have authority to do as they please. All others should obey and adore these superb precious divine young ladies. Arrogance is our prerogative

Ignorant masses of illiterate peasant born to toil the land. You are listening to Aida's Triumphal March by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.  I chose the Triumphal March because it reminds me that I was born to trample the servile masses and have a triumphal march  on their backs whenever I want. Their obligation is to pay tributes and adore me. If you are not a subscriber go here to pay your tribute and enjoy videos.
Unfortunately, many of you are here begging for free material. Shame, go to Church

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Aristocracy was born to rule, peons were born to serve the aristocracy.

I, Kage, a well born aristocratic young lady owns the land and the peasants who work on it. What brought you could be: Desire to be subservient to somebody who inspires obedience with one look and to revere your superiors. If you are an authoritarian teen girl, what brought you here is the rising consciousness that you were meant to be adored and served as divine royalty and that is your prerogative to take advantage of a large population of servile people eager to serve nobility like in the good old days of the Tsar. So dear girls, take advantage of the peasants as you see fit.

They were born to be stepped on by you. Look at our photos with reverent adoration. Our photos  are  an inspiration to serfdom for  the starving proletarian masses who eagerly search for aristocratic rule. We tease you and abuse at your cost for our benefit.

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Slavery is freedom.
Slavery is belonging to somebody who cares to exploit you.
Voluntary slavery is an act of love.