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The videos can be purchase as DVD's from Femdom Video Studio

These videos were done by people who appreciate femdom for people who value femdom

The links to the clips4sale videos do not include any golden shower scenes.
Golden Shower videos are sold at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers

As of September, 2016 we have
120 videos and 96 image sets plus special presentations
All late 2009 videos till now are HD

Why do we make Femdom videos?
☺ We make them so that most people can see free 10 seconds low resolution trailers ☺
Seriously, buy some videos and enjoy

If you do not want to spend money, you can see a completely free 2 hour and 52 minutes movie here
Video has crucifixion, flagellation and other emotional scenes

Be under our feet all the times
Haighty Are we Femdom video