Easy Femdom Legion Tasks Explained

Lial Sovietskaya said: I am amazed at how naive and Internet incompetent some people are

One guy said "What do I report?"

If you do a work, what do you think what you are going to report about?
you are going to report what you did.

If you are sharing pages or photos, you report where you shared them.
How do I report that?
You report by giving the URL of the place where you posted the share

What is an URL?
A URL (Uniform Resource location) is the Internet address of a site
where you placed the share
Example: http://twitter.com/teen_femdom/

Why should I report where I share things?
You report where you share so that we can verify that you worked.
Then and only then, we can compensate you for your work with image sets
The image sets are free, you select what you want at Femdom is Exciting,
You tell us what you want and we send it to you

One guy after reading on Femdom Legion

Visit these pages and share them on social sites
example: Femdom Showcase
Said "I do not understand what to do"
So we prepared this guide for him and other people who are perplexed .
If you have more questions ask us.

Go to https://bossy-girls.net/Ads/FemDom/index.html
Do you understand this easy task?

Do you see the buttons on top of that page?
Facebook like Tweet ShareThe numbers shown are an example.
What do you think that these buttons are for?
They are there so that you can share that page on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites
Do you understand why we want this?
We want to promote that page

Do you know why we want to promote that page?
We want to attract visitors

Do you know why we want to attract visitors?
We want to attract visitors with hope that they spend money.

Do you know why we want people to spend money?
To cover the cost of maintain the site and making videos

What is it that you do not understand? Ask us
Same for all other easy task shown on Femdom Legion