Femdom Legion TASKS

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Give meaning to your life by supporting assertive girls assertive dominance through Bossy Girls
We want people to buy our Femdom videos
They are the inspiration for servitude under girls leadership and a source of joy to purchasers
This is why we need people to promote our website to people who buy videos, subscriptions and web chats

Chalenge Reward Femdom taks

I am here to serve and glorify dominant young girls
I seek no compensation other than being useful
If I receive gifts it is thanks to the girls desire to reward those who slave under them

Challenging Tasks for Femdom Legion

We need your help is to increase the number of visitors who want to have fun and purchase our videos-photos-services. We need revenues to produce videos. We produce videos to thrill the femdom audience and as a mean to propagate our ideology. We do not earn money when visitors come to see free trailers and galleries and go away empty handed without a purchase.
1. We need a music composer and producer or somebody who can provide us with music that gives us right to use it. The music would be used in our femdom video. reward: Free video that uses your music 2. We need a femdom artist to produce femdom art for use at Bossy Girls or wants to publish femdom art at Bossy Girls. Free publicity is the reward
3. We need somebody who creates and maintain a Bossy Girls Blog. Free monthly video reward
4. We need somebody with expertise in Wordpress to redesign the site. The reward is a lifetime subscription if this huge task is done for thousands of pages
5. We need people to translate in their own language the International page. We give you up to 60 minutes of videos of your choice from the Femdom Video Studios