Instruction for Femdom Legionnaires

Go to Femdom Legion or to detailed instructions

Do not use your own email address. Create a gmail account for that purpose. Gmail lest you setup your environment in your language. As a recognition of your work, when we see traffic coming from the sites where you claim to have posted us arrive, we give you some of our PDF image sets or some video clips.
Your job, if you do it well, has inherent advantages for you. First it will give you the opportunity to find femdom (FD) sites and media that you can personally cherish. Second if your job brings good results it will earn you free media from Bossy Girls. The reward is decided by Her Excellency Ms. Lila Sovietskaya, also known as Loira in our videos. The evaluation of the results are base on the number of visitors that reach Bossy Girls from the sites where you posted links to our pages.. Evaluation is done after one month.

Promote the Bossy Girls pages on femdom forums, blogs and groups. Create a gmail address at that address serves to do the work. You must find the femdom forums, blogs and groups. Register yourself in the group, collect images and photos from that group on your PC, write a short article and post a link to one of our pages. Keep a list of places that you registered so that I can check if traffic is coming from them.

From the sites that you work on collect those that are more appealing or artistic or have high emotional impact. Keep media collected in a folder that has the same name as the group. At the end of the month, when you are ready to submit your work, you will be given access to an FTP site where you can place the media. The media serves us to inspire our productions a and to see what fascinates FD fans. Collecting this media should be an enjoyable activity for you

Your articles should be short, up to 500 words. They should contain links to pages that are appropriate to the group. For example, if the group is about pony rides, you would point the links to and recommend to explore the whole site. You will also post some of the photos that we have in their file sharing.

At you will find links to various interest groups. At you will find pages that you can link to depending on your audience interest. For example if you find a group of Bojana, the Balkan brat, you would point to The articles should talk about the activity that appeals most to the audience. For example, if you are in a group that appreciates trampling you would talk about the feeling of being trampled and the feeling of the girls that does the trampling and why each one enjoys this activity. You may also mention the danger of trampling if done carelessly and about the psychology that motivates people to be trampled or to trample.

If you are not creative, or wish me to review your article, send it to me. An article can be re-used in similar groups. Be sensitive to nuances. If the trample is about bare foot trampling post place foot trampling photos and articles and only mention the advantage and pleasure of trampling with boots and high heel shoes. If you have questions ask me. You can also post links to the pissing site Femdom Visions when the site is about golden showers or a femdom site that has no objection upon this devotion. Another example,If the site is about golden showers you may write about the dangers of this watersport and its corporal and psychological benefit. In an article you can also point to where people can acquire the media. Remember that your effort are commercial related.

To propagate FD ideology we need to maintain an expensive site and therefore need revenues to produce videos that entertain and educate FD fans and present to the world FD. You may point to our ideology page at when appropriate. Your success will be evaluated by traffic generated and possibly by sales. If you are not comfortable or do not feel capable of writing one, ask us Her Excellency Ms Lila Sovietskaya is very intelligent and can write articles that inspire the sheep to adore and serve the precious dominant young girls and inspire assertive girls to dominate the sheep for their amusement and profit. The word sheep is used as an an allegory. Our sheep are intelligent and sensitive people who willingly accept the leadership of dominant girls for mutual benefit.

This volunteer work is suitable to computer literate people who enjoy exploring femdom sites for their own pleasure and at same time help us drive paying traffic. Seek places with high traffic. Places with low traffic will bring very few visitors
If you have some Internet knowhow distribute in femdom Groups a simple link file. See instructions at AGGRESSIVE BOSSY GIRLS
Slaving for young outstanding girls is meritorious
Moreover, you are rewarded with free media
Intelligent and selfless people derive joy by serving dominant girls.   It is wonderful to find people who support girl power and empowerment by emancipation of girls rights and men's obligation to serve. This include girls willing to serve superior girls as chattels 

Steps for promoting Bossy Girls in Yahoo Femdom Groups

Here is in brief what to do A. make a new yahoo email dedicated to this work B. Search for femdom groups at C. Register in those groups and post photos and links when allowed D. Send a weekly report on sites where you registered
Here is in detail the same work

1. Create a yahoo account that you use only to promote Lila's website. Do not use your own email

2. Go to

3, Search for Femdom. You will find many groups

4. You could also search for other femdom related keywords Ponyboy for example.

5. You register in the groups. Depending on how the group is setup, you could create a photo folder for bossygirls, There you could pace photos that can be found at linked pages from 2005 to now. In the same group, if allowed, you could post a link to various pages of interest at Example, suppose that yo are in a group dedicated to feet. You would post a link to bossy-girls page that is of interest to them: and The page where potential pages are listed is at

6. This work is not difficult: Register and post photos and links. It takes initiative and imagination to guess what a group likes

7. Send us weekly list of groups where you added links

The beauty of femdom is the freedom to accept slavery

Femdom Volunteers