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Golden Shower Noble Purpose Piss in Mouth
The power of Pissing Femdom
Femdom Watersports videos produced by Bossy-Girls
Femdom Golden Showers Videos
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Femdom Watersports Videos

These are some of the glorious actions that you can see in our videos

Golden Showers, done with pride help to improve the virtue of humility. They are the symbol of power for superior girls and absolute subservience and devotion to the earthly goddesses. They are essential in the femdom liturgy.

The Golden shower is an important part of femdom rituals. It is an expression of total subservience, humility and adoration for superior girls by those born to serve and worship them. The girls are amused and derive pleasure from this power act. Some people who do not understand this grand femdom action see it as obscene, we see it as an act of love by those who voluntarily chose to be subservient to outstanding girls and to be their amusement in this humble act of submission


Since September 2009 our videos are made in full HD resolution. Our videos are not expensive. Buy them and satisfy your thirst. Money exists to enjoy life.

Pissing Femdom
What humble people thirst
Every drip and drop is precious
It comes directly from the punk goddesses' bladders

Recommended video for the undecided
Tomboys 10 Laundry room pissing

Recommended videos at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers in alphabetic order
Three Red Stars means *** that video is highly recommended
2 Cats 1 Dog Unending Piss [low quality video but good delivery]
3 Goddesses Fun Day [low quality video but good delivery]
Adoration of Bossy Girls - We 3 Pissers
Amusement for 3 Precious Girls ***
Bad Girls from Brazil 09 We piss you bye bye
Born Arrogant 04 Hosing the horse
Brutal female Leadership - Piss at will
Despotic Rascals - Pee Again and Again [excellent] ***
Despotic Rascals 06_ Yellow streams of glory
Domination by Jane Guerrero 05 Golden Prize for Slave
Droll Girls 15 Girls Give Orange Juice
Evil Tinkerbells
Femdom Educator Marzo 03 Femdom Watersports Lessons ***
Femdom Panorama 11 - Much Pissing on little old guy
Girls' Power Unleashed – Marleighi
Girls' Sport Club
Girls'-Power-Unleashed [Even better than Marleighi]
Grungy Hags - We urinate in your Mouth ***
Hell Day in Paradise - Brazil
Hells Belles 10 Fountains of Holy Waters ***
Honor Students ***
Hot Summer Beat [low quality video but good delivery]
Inadequate Worthless Bum 7 Pissworthy ***
Marvelous Slavery 07 Yellow Flood
Perverse Stylists 10 Splendid Urination
Precious Punks 07 Piss for a-foot-worshipper ***
Pushy Girls 03 Piss and beat at will [thrilling] ***
Reformatory Girls Graduation ceremony
Rotten to the Core - Merry Go-round Pissing on the guy
Sadistic Factory Girls - 10 - What a mess
Servitude Paradise [low quality video but good delivery]
Summer Frolic Part 1
Terrace of Fem Power 06 Heavenly Gates Open
Thugs Goddesses - 06 - Insolent Pissers ***
Tomboys 10 Laundry Room Pissing [excellent] ***
Wicked Forest Witches ***
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We do not produce scat. Unless you order an expensive special movie.
As an experiment We made our first ever Scat video.

Yaza, Kane and Wenny in
We shit on you
We shit on you
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