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Urine straight form you bladder

Piss in Mouth by Ms. Leila in Sadistic Factory Girls

Femdom Piss in mouth

Piss in mouth by Ms. Faisuri in Offensive Girls

femdom urine drinking

Piss in mouth by Ms. Sandra in Peasants

Femdom piss drink

Piss in mouth by Ms. Mulo in Slum Baronesses

Femdom piss drinking


Piss in Mouth Femdom Golden Shower

Piss in mouth during the femdom liturgy of the Golden Shower is a proud act of power exertion by dominant girls on their willing humble subjects. It reinforces the bond between the empowered girl and her willing servant. This act can have potential health benefits and risks. The desire for a girl piss in your mouth could be psychological desire for total girl power, the need to assert humility, a physical desire induced by the body seeking some proteins or aminoacids.

Urophagia (technical term for golden showers) is typically harmless because the urine of healthy individuals is sterile. Urine is primarily comprised of water, urea (proteins and amino acids), uric acid, and other bodily wastes. Naturally a risk exists to a recipient of a golden showers if the girls has a disease.

This is an excellent reason why all of you should be careful that any woman that pisses in your mouth works in clean hygienic environment and confirms that she is free of diseases. if you have the slightest down, do not accept.

Urine from women who are ill, or regularly taking medication, should not be consumed. Risk of HIV transmission through contact with urine in or on your body is not proven. Hepatitis and other infectious organisms may be passed on to anyone who ingests the urine of an infected person.

Never accept to drink piss of girls whoa has period. Do not be shy and ask when is her period.

Prior to a toilet slave sessions most of our girls consume one or more bottle of beer, or carbonated drink, or many large glasses of purified water which help neutralize our urine making it even more safe for consumption.

After a session, specially when more than one girl urinates in your mouth, consumes a number of girls, drink plenty of water so as to flush the excess urea out of their body. If you add a tablespoon of baking soda to your glass of water you will find it can assist in neutralizing the acidity caused by the urine in your stomach.

Links on benefits and risks

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Urine: The body's own health drink?

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To train guys to drink piss we make them comfortable by pissing on their faces
Then when they become used to this delight we fill their throats

Urinate on their faces
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The English Mansion
Urinate in mouth
Photo from video At Veronica's Convenience

Russian Mistresses

Russina Mistress Pee in Mouth
Some of the many Russian Mistresses with Piss in mouth theme
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Slave drenched with pee
Drowning in domme's piss

Slave drinks piss reluctantly
Domme's toilet pan
Buffed piss drinker
Pissed on and ass-fucked
Slave savoring fresh pee
Steamy golden shower
A drink for sub
Crossdressed slave drinks urine
Domina's human toilet pan
Golden shower for sub
Slave slurping domme's urine