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Praise the valor of our brave girls who assert themselves by boldly pissing on their subjects

Evil Nurses

Evil Nurses
Nurse Liz giving hydrotherapy to a patient afflicted by stupidiy

Vicious Liz

Vicious Liz
Ms. Liz watering her animal in the farm

Hells Angels

Ms. Marzo pissing on guy video Hell's Angels
Ms. Marzo pissing with pride on her underling in Hell's Angels

Thugs Goddesses

Pissing in the mouth
Piss in the mouth achievement by Gzandra

Grungy Hags

Grubgy Hags We Urinate in Your Mouth
Karen, Faisuri and Katherine boldly piss in Woog's mouth

Lackey for Proletarian Girls

Classy piss by Proletarian Girls
Ms. Yosèlyn, a proletarian, pissing on middle class Mr. Woog, an accountant
Very Classy

Wicked Forest Witches

Femdom Golden Shower
Ms Leila and professor Goha
Leila! You are a champ!

Hell's Belles

Hell's Belles Fountains of Holy Waters
Iskra in Fountains of Holy Waters scene

Video Precious Girlfriends

Precious Girfriends Pissed and Punished
Mulo pissing on Martha - Martha was Pissed by other girlks and then Punished

he Blondie Adventure

The Blondie Adventure Whip and Piss
Blondie whips and pisses

Selfish Slavedriver

Selfish Slavedriver Pissing on decent people
Ms Yah urinating on Mr. Woog the accountant in scene 03b Pissing on decent people

Inadequate Worthless Bum

Inadequate Worthless Bum
Ms. Flaca doing her thing

Wimps are us

Wimps are us
Ms. Marleighi cares about giving good quality urine

We scorn you

We scorn you
Ms. Martha power show

Upper Class Girls

Upper Class Girls
Leila and Kastanè in scene - Tropical waterfalls


Ms Leila - Award winning piss


Ms. Martha doing hydrotherapy

Strike and Enslave

strike and enslave
Ms Angie pissing with joy

Servitude Paradise

Servitude Paradise
Ms. Ingrid.
She could not stop laughing as long as she pissed

Rehabilitation Team

Rehabiltation Team
From left to right Yamileth, Ariela, Tina,Paula Andrea
Mass pissing at its best

Pregnant Femdom

pregnant girl pissing
Ms. Marivalda.
It takes a man to make a girl pregnant and it takes a good sports man to accept a full load of pee from the pregnant girl.
Pregnant Femdom photos
pregnant femdom
Ms. Ingrid was not pregnant, her friend Marivalda was pregnant.
Hence the title, Pregnant Femdom originated

Peasant Femdom

Peasant femdom
Ms. Sandra
Peasant girl, using outdoor self-propelled urinal

Offensive Girls

Offensive Girls
Ms Faisuri
The old guy below was not offended,.
He was rather pleased to receive something from a young girl

Marvelous Slavery

marvelos Slavery
Ms Leila and Ms. Dahlia receiving thanks for what they did

Hell day in Paradise

Hell day in Paradise
Ms. Marcela She prepared him well to receive her urine
Hell Day Paradise
Ms. Loira proudly preparing for her inaugural golden shower

Harmful Nurses

Femdom Watwersport
Trickle trickle be patient a few drops are coming from tall girl to short guy

Girls' Sport Club

peeing on men
Ms Ingrid discharging her deluge of blessed water

Girls Power Unleashed

Girls Power Unleashed
Ms. Marleighi

Femdom Panorama

femdom panorama
Ms. Tatiana giving water to the thirsty for love

Despotic Rascals

Pee again again
Ms Leila in scene Yellow Streams of Glory
Great style Leila!,,, Do it again [She is dwarfing the little old guy below!]

Cruel Goddesses

Femdom Golden Shower - Cruel Goddess
Ms Heidi non challant elegant piss in white boots

Brutal Female Leadership

Brutal Female Leadership - Piss at Will
Care free giving and receiving
Ms Loira in scene Piss at Will
Ms. Loira delivers abundant holy water for Femdom believers

Born Arrogant

Born Arrogant
Ms. Leila doing what comes natural

Authoritarian Girls

Authoritarian Girls
Ms Jeidi doing some of things that she does best: Piss and Smoke
Ms Jeidi had the same warm hearted feeling of a robot.

Appreciation for Girls Power

Femdom Goldenshowers
Ms. Loira taking her animal to the watering hole

3 Goddesses Fun Day

Leidiane in scene Glorious Piss
leidiane Piss - 3 Goddesses Fun Day leidian femdom watersport

Superb piss by Ingrid in 3 Goddesses Fun Day
Superb Piss by Ms Ingrid

3 Goddesses fun day photos

2 cats 1 Dog

Golden Shower
Ms Jacqueline
Pissing with style and dignity
jacqueline pissing
Ms Jacqueline
A nearly endless piss.
Other girls waiting in line to relieve themselves
Jaqueline starred  in Hot Summer Beat and many other videos

Golden showes are a very intimate affair between a dominant girl and her submissive
They are proudly given and humbly received
These are very memorable events

9 pising Marvels

A Russian Mistress Golden Shower done with finesse
Russian Mistress is one of the few femdom sites that like Bossy Girls brings this sacred woman worship and celebration of female power ritual to full value

Recommended videos at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers in alphabetic order

Recommended video for the undecided
Tomboys 10 Laundry room pissing

Three Red Stars means *** that video is highly recommended
2 Cats 1 Dog Unending Piss [low quality video but good delivery]
3 Goddesses Fun Day [low quality video but good delivery]
Adoration of Bossy Girls - We 3 Pissers
Amusement for 3 Precious Girls ***
Bad Girls from Brazil 09 We piss you bye bye
Born Arrogant 04 Hosing the horse
Brutal female Leadership - Piss at will
Despotic Rascals - Pee Again and Again [excellent] ***
Despotic Rascals 06_ Yellow streams of glory
Domination by Jane Guerrero 05 Golden Prize for Slave
Droll Girls 15 Girls Give Orange Juice
Evil Tinkerbells
Femdom Educator Marzo 03 Femdom Watersports Lessons ***
Femdom Panorama 11 - Much Pissing on little old guy
Girls' Power Unleashed – Marleighi
Girls' Sport Club
Girls'-Power-Unleashed [Even better than Marleighi]
Grungy Hags - We urinate in your Mouth ***
Hell Day in Paradise - Brazil
Hells Belles 10 Fountains of Holy Waters ***
Honor Students ***
Hot Summer Beat [low quality video but good delivery]
Inadequate Worthless Bum 7 Pissworthy ***
Marvelous Slavery 07 Yellow Flood
Perverse Stylists 10 Splendid Urination
Precious Punks 07 Piss for a-foot-worshipper ***
Pushy Girls 03 Piss and beat at will [thrilling] ***
Reformatory Girls Graduation ceremony
Rotten to the Core - Merry Go-round Pissing on the guy
Sadistic Factory Girls - 10 - What a mess
Servitude Paradise [low quality video but good delivery]
Summer Frolic Part 1
Terrace of Fem Power 06 Heavenly Gates Open
Thugs Goddesses - 06 - Insolent Pissers ***
Tomboys 10 Laundry Room Pissing [excellent] ***
Wicked Forest Witches ***
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