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Femdom videos by Bossy Girls 2008

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StepSisters Femdom

132 photos - 11 Videos (720x580) Total time 56 min
December 24, 2008
We rated this video set as 5 Stars
StepSisters Femdom
Ms. Leila on the left, Ms Yasmin on the right
A fascinating theme explored by Leila nd Yasmin, Submission to strong dominant stepsisters by submissive stepbrother

Exigent Missy

7 Videos (720x480) Total time 41 min
Only Ms Lina did Video and Photoshoot. Ms. Mariela did only photoshoot
Dec 17, 2008

Ms Lina Photoshoot 98 photos
Exigent Missy - Ms Lina
Ms. Lina in her first femdom experience
She likes to do femdom in the nude because guys are awed

2 Domineering Pests

November 10, 2008

Daniela and Pilar -65 Photos - 10 Videos (7200x 480) Total time 52 minutes
2 Bimbos' Slave
Ms Pilar pees on a kind gentleman while Daniela watches the show, eats popcorn and sneers
Our original plan was to shoot all three girls together. It did not work out. We had to shoot them separately.
Marzo - 67 Photos - 9 Videos (720x480) Total time 52 min
3 Domineering Pests - Marzo
Enjoying the company of Ms. Marzo

Pushy Girls

136 Photos - 11 Videos (720x80) Total time 62 min
September 28, 2008
We rated this video set as 5 Stars
Pushy Girls - Leila
Carrying a bundle of arrogance, Ms Leila, on her site seeing tour

We scorn you

97 photos - 15 Videos (720x480) Total time 64 min
Sep 10, 2008.
We rated this video set as 5 Stars

We Scorn you
We scorn you
Ms Pilar doing scorning
She is lets the kind guy taste her platform shoes

2 Bimbos's Slave

60 photos 10 Videos (720x480) Total time 51 min - July 31, 2008
2 Bimbos's Slave
Bimbos in control


Despotic Rascals

163 photos - 14 videos (720x480) Total time 96 min - August 21, 2008
Despotic Rascals
Lake shore fun for despotic rascals

2 Harsh Girls

49 Photos - 12 Videos (720x480)Total time 56 min - June 2, 2008
2 Harsh Girls

Bad manners by Tania-Carolina and Gisela


Goon Princess

149 photos - 20 videos (720x480) Total time 90 minutes - June 24, 2008
Goon Princess
Leila is the Goon princess who rules the middle aged slave, the honorable professor Goha.
He understands the value of being subservient to capricious teen deities

Born Arrogant

96 photos - 14 videos (720x480) Total time 71 minutes - May 30, 2008
Born Arrogant
This is an excellent video
You can see it without subscribing at Femdom Video Studio
or Purchase the DVD at Femdom Video International.
The photoshoot is available at Femdom is Exciting
Click image of forest deity for preview

Ruthless Punk Schoolgirls

40 photos - 11 videos (720x480) - Total Time 73 min - May 8, 2008
Ruthless Punk School Girl
The Faculty understands the needs of young girls and does its best to enhance their educational experience

Slave Drivers [Colombian Version]

91 photos - 12 videos (720x480) Total time 59 min - April 18, 2008
Slave Drivers Colombia
A thing well done but a bit rough and insulting for a polite guy.

Slave Drivers[Brazilian version]

-238 photos - 13 Videos (720x480) - Total time 75 min - April 15, 2008
SlaveDrivers from Brazil

Treat them like Trash

79 photos - 12 videos (720x480) - Total time 60 minutes - April 2, 2008
Trance music track
Treat them like trash
Marzo new princess 5'-9" (174 cm)
Treat them like Trash
Silly dog chewing Daniela shoe

Submissive Peon

75 photos - 12 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 53 minutes - March 11, 2008
Latino music track
Submissive Peon
Born submissive with born dominant

The Disciplinarian

75 photos - 9 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 57 minutes - March 2, 2008
The Disciplinarian
Sandhiya with Ulhaq the Gentle. Very nice evening. First pony rides up and down the stairway, then quiet devotional footwear worship, then intense beatings with spits, then relaxing foot worship, then dog training, then teasing and ridiculing slave organs, then more spits and trampling . Final scene, Sandhiya dancing on the back of Ulhaq the Gentle.

Haughty are we

305 photos - 10 videos (720x480) - Total time 65 minutes - February 18, 2008
Haughty femdom
The haughty girls : Ingrid in black and Marcela in white


60 photos - 8 videos (720x480 pixels ) - Total time 57 minutes - February 5, 2008
German-English and French music track
Peasant femdom
Peasant femdom tends to be rude and direct. ms. Cielo has found outdoor urinal and gives it a shot to test its practicality. A third girl, Jacqueline is not shown here


Peasant femdom
Sandra, another fine example of boorish behavior steps with her dirty feet on the patient farm boy

Rude São Paulo Girls

156 photos - 9 videos (720x480 pixels) - Total time 51 minutes - January 22, 2008
Rude Juvenile Delinquents
Give public demonstration of your allegiance to female domination takes courage

Vicious Young and Uncivilized

141 photos - 11 videos (720x480 pixels) Total time 50 minutes - January 8, 2008
Vicious femdom
Yamileth in blonde whig, Martha with blue miniskirt in the center looking more trashy rude than ever and Tina in white.

femdom kicking by 3 girls
Tina in white shirt and black skirt kicking

femdom Multimedia
1. WaterSport videos are not shown at Clips4sale or GirlDomination
They are shown at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers