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Femdom videos by Bossy Girls 2007

All 2007 videos are available only at Girl Domination
That external site has no Golden Shower videos. Golden Showers are at MeanClips

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Fun with Fat Boy

No photoshoot - 2 video (320x240 pixels) - 23 minutes - Dec 17, 2007
Fan with fat boy - Vagina and Ass Worship
Very happy slavery: ass kissing and vagina worship.

Rude Brazilian Girls

553 photos - 8 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 62 minutes - December 8, 2007
Rude Brazilian Girls
No taxi or bus in squalid, drug lords infested slum. Use SLOB to go around
This scene is not seen in video. City wanted to sell a movie permit and slum lords wanted protection money

Insolent Trashy Girls

96 photos - 12 videos ( 720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 73 minutes - November 22, 2007
Insolent femdom
Your wish is granted: to be dominated and trashed by 3 young trashy female street hoodlums

Bully Girls

95 photos - 11 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 53 minutes - October 20, 2007
Croatian music soundtrack
Bully Girls
Use patient and meek guys of the upper classes for your amusement precious young slum girls

Bully Girls from Brazil

324 photos - 12 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 53 minutes - October 31, 2007- Halloween
Turkish music soundtrack
Bully Girls from Brazil
Crawl worm, crawl here and do your foot licking job

Bad Girls from Brazil

276 photos - 9 videos (320x240) - Total time 66 minutes - September 19, 2007
Bad girls from Brazil
Pig feeding time. Kissy, kissy your mistress source of power.
See the nice remembrance marks I left on your body

Mean Streak Girls

76 photos - 12 videos(320x240 pixels) Total time 66 minutes - September 5, 2007
Armenian music track
Mean Streak Girls
Only the lucky slaves can kiss it. Here I am resting on a SLOB
I am Maritza, the other girls were Pilar and Jeidi

Cruel Goddesses

98 photos - 10 videos (320x240 pixels) - Total time 63 minutes - August 5, 2007
Hindi music trac

Cruel Goddesses
Goddess Paola-Andrea shoving her foot in the mouth of faithful..
This foot shoving is part of the femdom liturgy and serves to exalt the Goddess power

Cruel Goddess pissing
Goddess Jeidi doing the Renewal of Femdom baptism liturgy.
She inundates the believer from crotch to face with her sacred piss.


Summer Frolic

75 photos - 8 videos (320x240 pixels) - Total time 62 minutes - July 18, 2007
Persian (Iranian) pop music
Summer frolick ponyboy
Proudly I go round and round the dried pool over my beast of burden
Rider is Yamileth Paula and Arella are the other girls in the video

Prayer to Merciless Mother Yamileth
Merciless Mother Yamileth,
inundate me with your blessed waters to cleanse me from impure thoughts of male supremacy
and because i have sinned against the sanctity of female authority.
Kick me at will with your sandals and stomp me in the concrete of this dry pool...
till i become a better servant to precious young authoritarian girls

Authoritarian Girls

215 photos - 15 videos (720x480 pixels) Total time 82 minutes - June 15, 2007
Latino Music track Authoritarian Girls triple ponyride

Authoritarian femdom
Paola-Andrea stomping in the yard.
She wanted to stomp him into ground but the surface was not muddy enough

Golden Shower
Jeidi doing what she does best: smoking and watering slaves

Worthless Femdom Student

238 photos - 14 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 68 minutes - May 10, 2007
Worthless Femdom Student
Powerful Martha, rocking the worthless guy

Household Pet

145 photos - 8 videos (320x480 pixels) - 51 minutes - Apr 26, 2007
Household Pet
Fully domesticated macho guy

Capricious Divine Princess

401 photos - 15 videos (720 x 480 pixels) Total time 72 minutes - April 8, 2007
Capricious Divine Princess
I sip my wine and you sip my heel. I am your Divine Princess you are the SLOB born to serve me

Appreciation of Girls' Power

488 photos - 10 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 72 minutes - March 5, 2007
Appreciation of Girls Power -Femdom appreciation
Loira domination leaves the slaves aching but happy and proud to have served under her talons.
The other girls were Leidiane and Alecsandra

See Selected Videocaps

Maternity Ward Slave

148 photos - 14 videos (320x240) - Total time 48 minutes - February 22, 2007
Maternity Ward Slave
8 months pregnant Yamileth sitting on her coolie


328 photos - 9 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 78 minutes - February 13, 2007

Paula-Andrea Sanchez making the monkey walk and walk and walk. Other girls Tania and Yamileth
Hooligan femdom
How cute, guy in a bird cage! But can he sing like a bird?

Exploitation for Amusement

32 photos - 9 videos (320 x 240pixels) Total time 65 minutes - January 26, 2007
Exploitation for Amusement
Marleighi rides

Femdom Riverside Party

No photoshoot - 8 videos (320x240 pixels) - Total time 74 minutes - January 12, 2007
Femdom Riverside Party
At a party you dance with the guys, at a femdom arty you dance on the guy's back with your boots

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They are shown at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers