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Femdom videos by Bossy Girls 2006

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Wimps are us

140 photos - 8 videos (320 x 240 pixels) -Total time 55 minutes - December 23, 2006
American pop music track
Wimps are us
Ariel riding, Marleigi looking sternly and not amused by the weak horse

All the Power to the Girls

129 photos - 9 videos (720x480 pixels) Total time 66 minutes - December 13, 2006
All the Power to the girls
2 on the sofa and one on the face
All the Power to the Girls

Girls' Power Unleashed

No photoshoot -7 videos (720 x 480 pixels) - Total time 84 minutes - November 18, 2006
Femdom dance
Femdom Dance
Dancing femdom
Dancing Femdom
Domestic service
When there is no elevator...
Femdom Toilet training
Femdom Toilet training
femdom Sock worship
Femdom Sock Worship
domestic service femdom
domestic service femdom
piss on face
Piss on face a flavor by Ms. Xurlani
See her Piss video at
femdom Carpet


126 photos - 4 videos( 720x480 pixels) - Total time 10 minutes) October 14, 2006
Femdom at riverside
Petulant Deity: LEIDY

Barnyard Femdom

161 photos - 10 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 66 minutes - October 25, 2006
Bulgarian Music track
barnyard femdom
Outdoor sitting by Jacqueline. Paula-Andrea and Marcela

Femdom Trampling Footprints
Marcela leaving footprint as a remnbrance of her grace

Obedience School

No photoshoot - 10 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 55 minutes - October 3, 2006
Obedience school
One by one take them up and down the stairway. Complaints or remarks about weight unleash whipping

Adoration of Bossy Punk Girls

108 photos - 5 videos (720x480 pixels) - Total time 51 minutes - September 25, 2006
Bulgarian music track
Spit Adoration
Spit disposal for Jacqueline. Other girls, Maritza and Claudia also use same spittoon
Adoration of Bossy Punk Girls Buy Now for 20.99 (41 minutes video)
This video does not have the scene Adoration of Bossy Punk Girls - We 3 Pissers
At Clips4sale they do not allow Golden Showers.
Therefore the copious piss by these 3 marvels can be seen at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers/

Entertainment for a Young Punk

115 photos - 9 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 44 minutes - August 28 2006
Japanese Pop music track
Icecream spitting
Ingrid eating icecream while having her foot worshipped
Foot on face
Stamp of Approval

Brutal Brat

29 photos - 5 videos (720x480) - Total time 31 minutes - August 15, 2006
Brutal femdom
Claudia loves to give savage beatings if the guy wants to absorb them

Brutal Female Leadership

126 photos - 11 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 99 minutes - July 30, 2006
Japanese pop music track
Brutal femdom
Hitting with no hesitation Leidiane does it with fervor. Other girls were Loira and hard hitting Andrea

Amusement for 3 Precious Girls

160 photos - 6 videos (320x240 pixels) 72 minutes - July 4, 2006
Arabic music track - One of our best videos
femdom amusement
Humble Foot and Boot kissing for 3 precious hard hitting girls
Poem A femdom supporter wrote January 20, 2010 at 8:35am 

She's "beauty and brains" . . . intelligence sublime
a depth of perception and comprehension that outshines all others . . .all the time . . . 

any male would grovel gladly to bask in Her shadow and follow behind . . .
to mirror Her image so others might find . . . 
that to honor Ms Lila is to honor all womankind
and opening eyes of men spiritually blind . . .

She can make a man melt and dissolve like some sugar in tea . . . 
(though She's sweeter than honey but stings like the bee) . . .
it's an honor to offer Ms Loira this poem from me

A Dream of Greek Goddesses

No photoshoot - 1 Video 320x240 pixels) - 41 minutes - July, 01, 2006 - Greek music track
This is one of our best videos of 2006

A Dream of Greek Goddesses - Stairway Buy Now A shoulderiding clip

A Dream Of Greek Goddesses Trailer Buy Now

A dream of Greek Goddesses Shoulder Riding
Total slavery for submissive laughing stock. From left to right Ariane (specialist in heavy whipping), Luciana (specialist in humiliation and trampling) and Simone a Brazilian femdom superstar that appeared on Brazilian TV to praise trampling

Macho Stupidity

49 Photos - 9 Videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 34 minutes - June 23, 2006
Latino music track
Macho Stupidity
Against a bed-frame the 5'-9" (179 cm) Martha gives a trashing to an inferior macho guy.
The other girl was Claudia the savage
Macho Stupidity

Middle Aged Care

62 photos - 10 videos (320 x 240) - Total time 45 minutes - June 11, 2006
Middle Aged Care by femdom punks
Care of middle aged guys has improved.
They are now under the feet of young punks who know that fix aching backs
Middle Aged Care

Hell Day in Paradise (Brazilian version)

257 photos - 11 videos (320 x 240 pixels) - Total time 78 minutes
May 14, 2006

Hell Day in Paradise
Loira receiving adoration.
Other girls were Marcela and Ingrid

Hell Day in Paradise (Colombian version)

117 photos - 10 videos (320x240 pixels) - Total time 28 minutes
May 14, 2006

The Colombian version is not as good as the Brazilian version
I am your new Religion
Claudia in "I am your new religion"
Xiomara first slave
Xiomara's first slave

2 Cats and 1 Dog

123 photos - 3 Videos (320x240 pixels) - Total time 26 minutes- April 15, 2006

2 cats 1 dog Femdom shoulderiding
Jacqueline morning breeze. Other riders Ivett, Luz and Xiomara

Mysteries of title: There is one real dg in the video and he is not hurt. The two cats are Ivett and Jacqueline. Because only two girls were shot together and the three girls were never seen together, the video is '2 cats rather than 3 cats. and the other dog, being human does not count as a dog, he counts as a slave
This title is available at Femdom Videos Studio as "2 Cats and 1 Dog"

Sweet Dreams

143 photos - 6 videos (320x240) Total time 41 minutes - April 2, 2006
Obsessive music track to drive the idea: Some want to abuse other want to be abused
Sweet Dreams ponyboy ride
Great way to cross the river

Servitude Paradise

459 photos - 11 videos (352 x 240 pixels) - Total time 45 minutes - March 3, 2006
Servitude Paradise
Paradise for girls. They do what they want
Servitude Paradise

Hot Summer Beat

294 photos - 9 videos (430x480 pixels) Total time 31 minutes - February 28, 2006
Hot Summer Beat
Left to right Juliana, Jacqueline and Luz. In Tropical lands it is always summer, even in February

Beat and Ridicule

135 images and 11 videos (159x112 pixels) - Total time 32 min
femdom shoulder ride

Latina face sit

femdom Multimedia
WaterSport videos are not shown at Clips4sale or GirlDomination
They are shown at BossyGirlsGoldenShowers