Servitude Paradise

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Servitude - Paradise - Leidiane

SERVITUDE PARADISE Preview for non subscribers This is an outstanding presentation of 3 superb femdom goddesses 458 images and 10 videos (352x240 pixels - Total time 45 minutes.)
Paradise is a place where everybody is happy. In this Brazilian Paradise Rapaz, gets to be in the presence of the adored young goddesses that he cannot approach in ordinary life. It is a joy that he hops fellow submissive will share vicariously with him. It is a thrill to be the subject of people that you adore to serve as imperial goddesses. Leidiane, red dress, Marivalda in black and Ingrid in red briefs truly enjoy these monthly events. In these event they can forget ordinary life, have fun, earn some cash and feel proud of the power that they exert.

Marivalda was the star of 'Pregnant Femdom', Leidiane made superb golden shower scene in '3 Goddesses Fun Day' and Ingrid has been in many of our presentation. The presentation "Servitude Paradise is even better than ''3 Goddesses Fun Day.' It carries on our philosophy, that femdom is a fun erotic and spiritual activity. The girls are malicious but not evil. They are bent on having fun and showing off their power. They started to enjoy watersports and Rapaz is a good sport who accepts and supports these activities. In one scene you can see that he was so thrilled with the sensation of the warm liquid on his back that he turned around to admire this spectacle of high and mighty domineering youth and got a splatter of piss on his face. He subscribes, like many other humble people that subservience to young domineering girls is good for the girls and for society because it prepare them to be assertive in a macho dominated society
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Slavery is belonging to somebody who cares to exploit you. Voluntary slavery is an act of love.
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