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Trample World
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Girls! Trample and stomp till they learn to respect, obey and adore girlhood. Stomp them at your will

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This is not fantasy it is real. You can go to foot adoration parties in various US Cities
Or feast on the images available to members

Trampling World

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Femdom Trampling
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Strapon Star
Domination at AEBM
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Yes Cory, you have the right to step on bozo

Trample Torch
Highly Recommended Video.
Yes Ms Morgan & Ms Victoria, we need girls like you

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It is a step that you will not regret ...Unless you buy nothing

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Trampling - Calestamento
If undecided obtain
Rotten to the Core - 01 - Welcome Mat [Trampling]

Life is hard sometimes. Seek some fun. Trampling provides good support to the young goddesses

Trampling is a thrill for submissive. It allows to see a heavenly sight above. If trampled on the back, a mirror is suggested so that the submissive can observe the adored leader standing above. It is a dignified and playful way to satisfy the admiration for outstanding dominant girls and to satisfy the desire to submit to their power. Precautions need to be taken care by the girl to avoid injuries to either person. Simply: Do not due stupid things that will hurt either one. For a dominant girl there is satisfaction of feeling power and of being adored and to receive financial rewards for this act

Note: Trampling can cause severe injuries if not done with safety in mind.
Trampling if safely done is like a good heavy massage.
It is thrilling for the carpet person to observe in a mirror the trampling goddess or get a souvenir video tape.
Here is one of our early trampling videos
It can be found among the videos of Girl Domination. An external site.

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Adoration of the Bossy Punk Girls

What fun loving people seek

A healthy stampede. It is therapeutic and invigorating

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Trampling Prayer

Prayer to a Young Stomping Goddess

We the old and the weak look up to you Young Stomping Goddess.
Let our body be the ground of your amusement.

Please stomp us any way you want and grant us the grace to be under your noble feet