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Yes, spitting is fun and legal...   :-)   You deserve it
Spitting helps establish a good relation between dominant girls and those who are submissive to them

Spit on their face and in their mouth to impose your prestige Spits help improve humility

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Arrogant Street Hoods -05- Whip Spit and Smoke
Terrace of Fem Power - 05 - Spit-Fountains
Rebel Girls - 04 - Spit, Smoke and face slaps
Scorpions - 06- Spits fit for a slave
Coercive Force - 02 We Spit on you Whenever We Want
Femdom Panorama - 03 - Lucky Lackey
Cobra in Babydoll 07 Humility training by spits
Slavery Makes you Free
StepSisters-Femdom_07 Intense Spitting
3 Domineering Pests - 02- Spitting-Pests
3 Domineering Pests - 07- Tooth-Washing-for-Pests
We Scorn You - 09 - Spit tasting hour
Despotic-Rascals -11 - Squat and Spit
Treat them like trash - 08 - Sweet Spits for you
Treat them like trash - 11- Shower them with spits
Slave Drivers 06 - You Must Drink Our Spit
Submissive Peon - 06 - Smoke Spits Slaps Boobs
Submissive Peon - 07- Yummy spits with face slaps
Thugs - Goddesses - 04 - Insolent Spitters listed also for its dirty feet value
Rude Sao Paulo Girls 06 - Spit Shower
Vicious Young Uncivilized - 06 - Big Spit

Slavery makes you free - 08 - Spits Holiday
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Spit femdom - Slavery makes t=yo free - Spiytting Holyday
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Hungarian Brats - 04 - Icecream unfit for Princess
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Spitting Femdom - Ice Cream not fit for a pricess
He was lucky... She did not vomit
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Spitting Bitches
Spitting Bitches - Lilith
Yes, they are very popular with many subscribers who like this refined practice

Girls Like Spit
Girls Like Spit

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Hotmovies: Spits And Burps Humiliation
Spits a river of saliva with dignity and firm control over ungrateful submissive
Hotmovies: Cruel Ebony Domme & Her Sissy Spit Slave Lovely personalities
Hot movies Spitting

19 girls spitting on decent people. This is great. This is not humiliation, this is an honor to be spat by outstanding superior girls. This video carries a 20 minutes free time offer for Bossy Girls Subscribers and Visitors. This is a great video because the girl do more than spiting, they place feet on face to have their foot palm kisses and licked by humble adorers

Exclusive Trailer from 19 Girls Spitting

Exclusive Trailer from
Interrogation of the Spit

Yeah! Tasty!
Hotmovies: School Girl Domination
The main action in this video starring 6'-2"(188 cm) tall Elizabeth is not spitting. However the gum-popping schoolgirl Domme drooled spit down into the wide-open mouth of her supplicant is an unforgettable spit scene. She then tramples him to help him digest her spit 
Hotmovies: Interrogation of the Spit
Outstanding spit action by domineering black girl over her weak and inferior subject. You feel the girl power and admire the forceful pushing of her ass in her subject. She delivers a lesson in humility that is hard to forget by the subject and the audience. She make he lick her cunt and ass with devotion. The thoroughly subdued subject is flooded with spits. The face is all washed out by spits. The subject with hands and feet tied is totally under control by this brave young energetic girl who fearlessly keeps spitting on the face of her timid subject. She is bold, brash and confident of her power over her slave girl whom she dwarfs with her athletic size. Overall an exciting video.
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