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Males are Slaves
Men are Slaves

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Vixen ladies
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Women Spanking Men

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All kind of Spanking including non-femdom
Baltimore Brat Award winning spanking video
Baltimore Brat 3
High Def Spanking
This is not a femdom site. Shown here for those who are interested to see girls spanked

Corporal Punishment

Corporal Discipline page

Cramped Den - 01 - Kitchen is Dirty... Clean it
Chattels for Boorish Girls - 01 - Equestrian Sport for Boorish Girls
Chattels for Boorish Girls - 04 - Gangway for Creeps
Barbaric Vixens - 01 - Merciless riders
At their Service - 03 - Cruel FemSupremacist Riders.
At Their Service - 04 - Kick Box Training 
Rock Me - 06- Bash for 3 Sadistic Girls
Sadistic Factory Girls 06 Reward for Inefficiency 
Savage Beatings and Whippings
Justice Lesson 1a
Justice Lesson 1b
Tactless Aristocracy - 06 - Flagellation of the incompetents 
Arrogant Street Hoods -09- Patriotic Flagellation Party

3 Girls Flagellation
Rock Me - 06 - Bash for 3 Sadistic Girls
Highly recommended