Smoking on your face

Hold your breath...Second hand smoke is extremely bad for your health
Smoking in the femdom context, is a sign of power

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Smoking Divas

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sara Akeera - Smoking Fetish
Sara Akeera
Stop breathing and visit her?

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Public service: The harm that smokinng does

Our best spits for your eyes only
Some people appreciate the noble gesture of Spitting
Sara Akeera - Smoking Fetish
Sara Akeera
Stop breathing and visit her?

Advice on how to be submissive to a dominant smoking girl
Buy her cigarettes and whatever smoking accessories that she wants
Light her cigarettes
Hold the ashtray as she smokes or volunteer to be a human ashtray for her
Offer to be used as a human spittoon so that she can dispose any bitter cigarette after taste
Dispose her spent cigarettes even if you have to chew them
Do tell her about how bad is smoke for her health and be slapped on face by hand and shoe or other footwear

Our Smoking videos

Girls, if after smopke you have a bitter taste in your mouth, spit it out into the moth of your faithful human ashtray
Receiving ash on the head and face is a form of penance for sinners
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Sometimes the precious Bossy Girls, we, piss and smoke see BossyGirlsGoldenShowers
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