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How good it feels to have your sovereign queen riding on your back.
You finally feel useful. It feels good to be under the power of a smart young girl who flogs you at her unquestionable whim

A Dream of Greek Goddesses - Stairway
A Dream of Greek Goddess - Staircase pony ride

Some of Bossy Girls best Pony Rides video

Slavery makes you free - 01 - _Imperialistic-Rides

Barbaric Vixens - 01 - Merciless riders ***

Extrovert Students - 02 - March of triumphant Girlhood

Terrace of Fem Power - 04 - Easy riders

Vipers Nest - 09-2 - Stairway-of-Burdens

Rock Me - 03- Aristocrats riding a peasant

A Dream of Greek Goddesses - Stairway 

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Riding Girls - Reitherrinnen
Ridng Girls
Young girls have the right to have fun and enjoy comfortable siteseeing rides.
Slobs have an obligation to carry with care the precious young darlings on smooth rides

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Another superb ride by our valiant girls is in "Authoritarian Girls" Video
"A Healthy Walk" is one of the many videos available at Girl Domination

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Human Ponies
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