Corporal Discipline

Femdom Whipping

This what submissive people need... Great girls in total control. Girl that tell them what to do, when to do do it and how to do do it and meekly accept hits and blows from dominant girls

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We flog. You praise us for flogging you

Yes. Caning is good for lousy worthless stinkers

Corporal Discipline

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Article by Lila Sovietskaya on flogging

Femdom Caning

Flogging and caning provides deep satisfaction for the practicing girls and their willing subjects Good flogging under a firm hand requires training both for the exquisite flogging girls and for the recipients of this action. The girls must learn how to deliver stern hits without permanently injuring the recipients. The recipients must learn how to receive the hits with humility and show appreciation for what the girls do through humility acts and by praises. The subjects should follow the girls instructions. If the girls delight in hearing pain expression, the the recipients can vocalize, otherwise vocalization might annoy the precious girls and interfere with their delivery of severe blows.

Flogging can serve as expiation of sins against womanhood, as a tension relief for stressed girls, to help female emancipation empowerment or for fun, or for any reasons that the girls see fit.

The recipient must learn how to communicate well so that girls know when the lesson has been learned and that they may stop if so it pleases them. There is a lot to learn, many good floggings are need to master the art.

Bossy Girls encourages this sporting activity for outstanding young girls and their grateful recipients who endure pain so that the precious girls might have fun and emancipate their dominant nature

Your opinion on flogging is welcome

Cruel Mistresses

Cruel Mistresses

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Absorbing hit after hit makes the volunteer very enthusiastic supporter of female authority and grateful to be under their leadership.

Your understanding and appreciation of Corporal Education encourages girls to assume leadership roles and submissive people to absorb patiently what superb girls deliver. Corporal discipline, in our ideology, is not primarily a punitive method, but a manner to inculcate respect for girlhood and appreciation of their domineering attitude. The video is exemplary of such educational methods. Though physical discomfort may persist for a while, the submissive has the satisfaction of feeling under the power of feminize authority and to have pleased a precious young flower to release her energy and increased her feeling of power and prestige

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Marzo! You are great!

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Corporal Discipline

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Femdom is by mutual consent. When we are allowed by the partner, truly memorable beatings are delivered with joy
At Bossy Girls Corporal Education is not punishment or gratuitous cruelty. It is education accepted by volunteers who donate their time and physical submission so that the young girls can express their frustration with millennia old male dominance. Though this education is physically demanding and uncomfortable, the goals of increasing the girls feeling of self esteem and authority while instilling respect and admiration for girlhood power. This is a win win situation. The girls and her subject benefit. There is a feeling of exhilaration on both sides. This trailer, is part of the video set "3 Domineering Pests" Pilar gives here one of her best performances. If you go to Colombia, you can get from her a savage educational beating and a refreshing golden tropical shower from her or other similarly inclined girls

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