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Bossy Girls encourages humble people to maintain deserving girls good foot hygiene. Clean their feet with passionate ardor and do not be discouraged if they mock you. The noble girls have a right to have fun while having their feet cleaned. People that clean the girls feet are expected to pay them for this privilege
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No joke, the odor emitted by dirty girls feet is erotic to some people

Erotic Stimuli can be classified according to the sense involved: somatosensory (touch), visual, and olfactory (scent). Auditory stimuli are also possible, though they are generally considered secondary in role to the other three. Erotic stimuli which can result in sexual arousal can include conversation, reading, films or images or a smell or setting, any of which can generate erotic thoughts and memories in a person. Therefore if you re aroused by the smell of our stinky feet, you are not abnormal.

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