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Six Foot Blonde Dom
Stiletto Collection: Boots
Spit, Kick & Cum
Suck My Boots And Lick My Feet
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 Authoritarian Girls

boot worship

Boot reverence is a sign of high respect for the honorable young girl and and is part of the femdom liturgy
Boot worship is a humble tribute to a living goddess. Hits given by her should be gracefully accepted as incentive to be more religious and respectful to the mighty lady.

Boot Slave
Boot Slave

Girls in Leather and Boots
Girls in Leather and Boots

Femdom religion The ceremony of Boot Adoration is an important ritual in femdom worship liturgy. Its spiritual significance is the acceptance of the Goddess as Heavenly Boss and to honor the female divinity that wears the boots that are licked, kissed or polished with devotion by the humble servants of the Goddess. This act serves to glorify the goddess and increase the humility, obedience and reverence for the Goddess. So the act of boot worship is not idolatry, it is an expression of love for the Goddess. Though some call it fetishism, we call it an expression of admiration and veneration for superior girls who permit or demand this devotion.

For those who are not femdom enthusiasts Boots have a magical erotic appeal to the subsconscious
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Boots worship
Yes, you need to see lowly peple licking, kissing and worshipping superior girls' booots

Booted Teens dominating meek, gentle and obedient people

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Boot and Foot worship