The ILSA movies are presented at Bossy Girl, because they are part of the image of the authoritarian woman
BOSSY TEEN GIRLS Presents Dyanne Thorne as ILSA - an example of female power gone to evil

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ILSA is not for everybody
If you are German citizen it might be illegal to see this material.
Warnung: die Ilsa Seite kann enthalten Material, das nicht gesetzlich für Sie ist, zu sehen, wenn ein deutscher Bürger sind

These type of movies are for adult entertainment.
They are OK only for people who like sadistic movies.
We hope that this type of movies teaches that sadism is bad
Warning the kind of evil shown in the Elsa movies is repellant to most people. The only redeeming values of the movie is to watch woman power and to understand that evil actions are evil. There are very objectionalble scenes.  There are gory scenes in the Ilsa movies.

The photo poses are great. They expresses power. However, power used for evil deserves no admiration
 Dyanne Thorne


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