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Watch the power exerted by a 14 year old over an adult.
The 14 year old is portrayed by the adult star Elen Page, so no real minors are involved
"Hard Candy"
Bossy Girls Recommends this DVD


"Ellen Page"Ellen Page is stunning as 14-year-old Hayley, who lures an adult photographer named Jeff into meeting her at a coffee shop. Perhaps "lure" isn't the correct word because Jeff doesn't need much prodding. It's pretty obvious what he hopes will happen and he has no qualms in taking advantage of a teenage girl.
But Hayley has other plans in mind. Once back at Jeff's home, she drugs him and sets about breaking him down emotionally and physically.
Hayley is the kind of 14-year-old who seems too difficult to believe. She's so smart, so calculating, so mature in how she handles Jeff, who tries in vain to outwit her.
In the hands of another actor, Hayley could seem laughable, but Page is outstanding. This isn't some whim for her; some adolescent fantasy. Hayley is truly sickened by Jeff and wants him to pay.
Viewer goes through a range of emotions during Hard Candy. If you do not support vigilante justice, at times, you are fed up with Hayley's smug manner. She clearly needs psychological help, but despite the despicable things she's doing, she makes a good case for why she's doing it. In a way, Hayley serves as society's cry to stop pedophiles.
It is hard to root for Jeff because, well, he is a pervert. So the movie challenges your views on justice and mercy.
There are only five actors in the entire cast and the film takes place in just two places. Page shares the screen nearly exclusively with Patrick Wilson as Jeff.
Wilson finds a tiny shred of humanity during one scene, but mainly plays him as the coward all pedophiles are. He seems truly deluded about the impact of his actions.
The superb acting and riveting tension make up for some logical gaps in the plot, and an over reliance on violence at the end.