Tribute to Chiaki Kuriyama for her performance as strong teen Obviously criminal behavior should not be immitated
What is important is to learn to be a strong and just charcter



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Chiaki Kuriyama - 栗山千明

Chiaki Kuriyama starring in Kill Bill I
Chiaki Kuriyama - 栗山千明 -  Kill Bill

Bossy Girls comments

Chiaki Kuriyama is little known in the USA. In fact her best movie "Battle Royale" has been hindered by USA authorities. The movie is not banned in the USA. It is worth seeing if extreme violence does not faze you.
One thing to keep in mind is that it's NOT the gore and violence in the film that makes the material very controversial and questionable. It's the fact that the violence is being inflicted by fifteen-year-old characters on other fifteen-year-old characters. We see plenty of high-schoolers and college students get sliced and diced on American screens by masked maniacs. But never have we seen ninth graders kill other ninth graders in a sustained, wall-to-wall series of violent attacks. Whether we're still sore from Columbine or not, and whether the rule is codified or unspoken, there seems to be an age limit to characters that can be killed onscreen for American movies, which probably explains why BR possesses a lot of extra shock value to Americans.
It is hard for mainstream America to accept Chiaki Kuriyama because she portrays a killer teen girl

 D E B S
That is not what school was supposed to be.
They wanted war? They have it now
These teens will not surrender

Chiaki Kuriyama 1 - 栗山千明
Chiaki Kuriyama 2 - 栗山千明 Chiaki Kuriyama 3 - 栗山千明

 Battle Royale fans
Japanese girls in Battle Royale Uniforms. Chiaki Kuriyama has become a heroine to many girls and twice as many boys and grownups who are charmed by the fictional killer teen school girl she portrayed in her movies.
Chiaki Kuriyama Battle Royale - 栗山千明
Chiaki Kuriyama sword - 栗山千明
Chiaki Kuriyama gun fight - 栗山千明
Preparing for a gun fight
Chiaki Kuriyama heroine - 栗山千明
Those who live by the gun, die by the gun
Heroines die