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Q. Who controls Bossy Girls - International Femdom?
A. StarHaig Corp, based is San Jose, California USA
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A. Professional web designer team Starfllash201 We want to present to the world Femdom as an expression of erotic and spiritual tendencies that appeal to many people. Communicate your thoughts at Young Femdom Community
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A. Contrary to what politician promise, nothing is free, there are big costs to maintain the site and produce our own custom made multimedia. The quality of Bossy Girls productions is good and it keeps improving as we attract more talent. Support these talented girls with your purchase at Bossy Girls, or at Femdom Video Studio or BossyGirlsGoldenShowers
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A.   The huge free area with thousands of images and videos in the Free Galleries, the WebCam, the Femdom HotMoviest The AEBN Daily Theater, the top menu designed for easy navigation, an excellent customer service capable of responding in many languages.
Q.   Many different things attract people to femdom. Mention one.
A.   Those who are attracted to femdom are attracted to feminine authority, which at base is the feminine divine, which means God as Woman. Now if we had legitimate Churches wherein the male could look to women as authority they probably would not be so much femdom! But because there is no such outlet available, this whole underground movement has been around for a long time, probably since Patriarchy got started.
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A.   Try this commercial service

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FAQ articles

1. What is femdom and female domination?
The term "femdom" is a contraction of the words "female domination". It is also used as a contraction of the words "female dominance". Additionally, it is a contractive form of "female dominant" to identify a woman who primarily takes on the dominant role in a sexual relationship. There are some who look upon the second usage of the term with some degree of disdain.

Actually, female domination means different things to different people and it is a bit difficult to come up with one definition agreed upon by everyone. Nearly everyone will accept that it refers to some kind of relationship involving some form of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline; Dominance & Submission; Sadism & Masochism) in which a woman possesses more power or control than her partner (or partners). And everyone accepts that it is a consensual exchange of some form of power in which all parties involved have agreed to participate in the relationship of their own free will and with reasonable knowledge -- otherwise it would be a form of abuse.

It seems that one of the more widely-accepted views of female domination is that of a heterosexual Dominant/Submissive (D/S) sexual relationship, with a woman (or women) in the dominant role and her male partner (or partners) in the submissive role. Often this relationship includes elements of Bondage & Discipline (B&D) and/or Sadism & Masochism (S&M) as well. Frequently, it is a Mistress/slave relationship. The relationship is primarily based on the sexuality of those involved in it.

A broader view, which seems to be gaining more and more acceptance, defines female domination as any type of relationship between a woman (or women) who has some sort of power advantage -- be it physical, psychological, metaphysical, or some combination -- and her partner (or partners) of any gender. The relationship need only have some sort of BDSM-related sexual basis -- even if it only plays a very minor role in the overall relationship -- to be considered female domination.

The practice of female domination may range from regular, occasional "sessions" or "scenes" in which a woman takes on a dominant role for very specific periods of time to an on-going, full-time lifestyle Mistress/slave relationship. Most people do not consider an occasional, spontaneous playful exchange between a woman and her partner to be female domination -- even though these exchanges may occur with the woman usually in control.

Various components of female dominance in a relationship may include one or more of a wide variety of components such as (to name just a few examples):

Adoration; Aggressive sex play; Alternative spirituality; Body worship; Bondage and discipline; Cruelty; Denial; Depersonalization; Domestic service; Dominance and submission; Erotic boxing/wrestling; Erotic "torture"; Feminist spirituality; Fetishism; Flagellation; Foot worship; "Forced" feminization; "Forced" chastity; Goddess worship; Gynosupremacy (female superiority) as a form of role playing; Humiliation & Humbling; Masochism; Maid service; Pain play; Personal services; Role playing; Sadism; Sensation play; Service (of a wide variety of means); and Subservience.

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The fascination with female domination has appeal

Growing Appeal of Female Domination

Growing Appeal of Female Domination : Even if a man is not interested in BDSM, they do all seem to share a similar fascination with the idea of female domination. It is probably one of the most frequent male fantasies along with the idea of having a three some and getting naked with a librarian. Up until recently the industry that spent the most time exploring the concept of female domination was the porn industry. Countless pornographic videos and movies have been made with the male character submitting to the dominate female character. Female dominates take things to a whole new level. They aren't content with just leading, they need to take over. They give orders and when the orders aren't obeyed perfectly they punish the male character. The punishment is most often humiliating, or is suppose to border between pain and pleasure. The punishment often takes the place in the form of spankings, floggings, denying climaxing, and sometimes pegging.

It is not at all unusual for the female dom to attach a strap-on and penetrate the male. The tools the typical female dom uses include whips, blindfolds, gags, plugs, and paddles . It is possible that one of the reasons so many men are fascinated by the idea of a femdom fling is because they feel she will be more open to trying new sexual experiences than a woman who does not believe in sexual equality . It is important to understand the difference between a femdom character and a strong female character. Strong female characters are ones who remain calm and cool when the chips are down and who possess strong leadership skills.

Even though the idea of a female who not only controlled but dominated and ruled over a situation has primarily been a male fantasy, it is starting to become increasingly obvious that the women of the world are also starting to becoming intrigued by the idea of dominating over a man. The best proof of this is how the concept of a dominate female character has steadily moved from the porn industry, which is primarily viewed by men, and into mediums that are viewed by both men and women. More movies and television shows are making an effort to include dominate female characters in the script. There are even romance novels that touch on the idea of dominance.

Porn movies like to use the idea of dominating females to also feed into other sexual fetishes. Typically the female dom is dressed in tight black latex that excites men who have a latex fetish. High heeled boots tap into feet fetishes, and covering the dom's legs in tubes of silk or nylon is the perfect way to excite men who have stocking fetishes . The internet is a great place to find an endless supply of pornographic videos, movies, and photos that will allow people to indulge their female domination fantasies. Within the genre of female domination there are several sub-genres that will help the viewers choose the sex video that will best suit their personal tastes and individual fantasies.

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