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Start reading the Wikepedia article on Inferiority Complex and see if it helps you. If you are worried about the size of your male organ consult a physician and do not spend money on advertised remedies. A psychologist might also help you.

Relying on a phone service like Humiliatrix phone sex might either hurt you further or help you to understand your issues and overcome them to be happy or to seek medical solutions. Humiliation as a sex fantasy can also be a psychological release. If you have such fantasies be careful not to hurt yourself emotionally. The worst enemy of yourself could be yourself. Do not hurt yourself because it gives you temporary thrill. A well directed fantasy, might help you though. There is no solution good for all. So remember this list of actions: medical advice, psychologist consultation, and safe fun fantasies with
The value of humiliation
A Bossy Girls Essay

Humiliation can have a positive value for the humiliated person and for the person/s who inflict it. If the humiliation brings positive effect, hence the perpetrator is not a villain but a benefactor. There are 3 conditions that must be met
1. The humiliation is received voluntarily.
2. The humiliated individual sees the perpetrator as an admirable and superior person that is appreciated for the action.
3. The victim obtains one of the following positive effects:
a) An understanding of their inferiority
b) Acceptance of their inferiority, if it cannot be remedied, or a decision to overcome this inferiority if possible
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To have fun, forget money
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Make sure that you tell the girl that the girl knows your need for your humiliation.
Get the stream out of your chest. Talk for at least an hour

Many 'slaves' do not understand slavery. They begin their introduction 'I want...' I do not care what they want. They should care what i want. i am important. They are not. Some want to be insulted for free. i respond politely and with respect to them that if they wish to be insulted, they should pay. They generally do not want to spend a dime. They do not understand that paying to be insulted ad value to the insults that they so much desire. Many do not consciously understand that insults help them improve and increase their humility virtue. Insults should be received with gratitude. In a world that does not care about you, it is good to know that superior girls are ready to spend their time interacting with your insignificant self to help you see what you are and what to do to become worthy of praise. Come to me poor forgotten sheep so that I may fleece you for our mutual benefit.

Note: though the singular is used in this essay, it is also applicable to a group of people.
In our femdom case, it would be a group of girls