Eating scat is very bad

With any form of bdsm play, or even vanilla sexual activities, there is always an element of risk.  Risk of injury, risk of infection, risk of emotional or psychological stress.  We all take risks, and we try to weigh and minimize risks. Many people say that scat play is dangerous or risky.  In this post, Here is an outline of some of the health risks associated with scat play Eating scat can make you sick. Even if you don’t consume, fecal contact with your mouth, nose, or other orifice, or an open cut or sore can also transmit pathogens. Remember that fecal contact can include contact with, say, a hand that touches scat and then touches your mouth.  There is a risk of parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections from oral contact with fecal matter. That risk is present even when the feces are from a healthy person with no infections. Shigella, campylobacter, salmonella and E.coli bacteria are frequently present in fecal matter, including in the scat of healthy people. Parasites such as amoebas and giardia are also often present in everyone’s scat. While in the lower GI tract, these bacteria and parasites perform a useful or neutral function for the body, but if they enter the mouth, then these bacteria and parasites can create various problems, including severe diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, bloody stools, fever, nausea and vomiting. The viruses Hepatitis A and E can also be transmitted through contact with scat, if the fecal matter is from person infected with Hepatitis A or E. Vaccination for Hepatitis A, is a good idea so you are not at risk of getting Hep A. Hepatitis E is very rare in North America. Always wash hands after using the bathroom. Always use disposable latex gloves to touch scat if you have to

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