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Questions and Answers
Q.    Why does Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom have this page?
A.    We feel that those who oppose pornography have the right to express their opinion, We publish it as a public service.
Q.    Why does Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom have hardcore links?
A.    1. Because some people like it.
        2. We express our view point but do not censor those who want to see this type of material.
        3. Maybe those who like that material will discover in our pages that Femdom is better than pornography
        4. Some our partners have a mix of Softcore Teen, Femdom and Hardcore. We show their product lines.
        5. It can be a source of revenues that we can use to promote Femdom.
        6. In the future, we might remove all  porno links if revenues do not contribute to the Femdom cause.
        7. If pornography makes you feel bad we help you fight your addiction  -  reviews and rates several internet filtering software programs
12  Steps to Freedom from Pornography,
Latter-Day Counsel against porn
Porn Addiction published on the Fires of Darkness website
Pornography - Latter-day counsel
Sisters Unite - good, comprehensive site against porn.
Anti Pornography Links on Google

LDS Church position on pornography
         Pornography is sweeping across the world with increasing momentum and devastating impact. It is difficult to avoid the impact pornography has upon our lives. Its pervasive, immoral, and destructive influence is felt in the media, the workplace, conversations, social activities, and homes in every land. Because of the addictive influence of pornography, one at first may simply tolerate its existence, then unconsciously come to accept it until moral feelings become desensitized, no longer outraged at its content. Pornography is a poison to the mind and spirit, ruining the lives and homes of innocent men, women, and children. Let us resolve to keep our minds, our bodies, and our spirits free from the corrupting influence of pornography. Let our voices be heard in the communities where we reside. People of good will, united in a worthy cause, and aided by divine power, can have profound impact on the quality of life in their communities. Let us unitedly exercise our faith and work to find solutions, prayerfully seeking help from the God of Heaven. May we be blessed in our efforts as we stand in defense of those virtues that make men and women and nations strong and victorious over evil.

Article By Lila Sovietskaya on Pornography

No doubt that it is the responsibility of parents and those who provide Internet service to minors, to prevent access to such sites. My femdom site, has code in nearly every page to warn about adult content. The site can be easily blocked not only for children but for adults who object to this content. Preventing people from seeing what they want will make some people feel righteous protectors of morality and create opportunity for criminals to provide what people seek, same as what happened with prohibition. In Italy prostitution was legal till 1945. Now that it is illegal, there are more prostitutes than before with majority coming from abroad. Did forbidding prostitution stop it? Some people can watch violent children cartoons and then smash heads. Should children cartoon be banned for its effect on some people? No doubt that some people, inspired by porno will commit crimes, however, some nuts, after watching the news about mass shootings, will try to emulate it and become famous. Should news about mass shooting be banned so that nuts will not be motivated to imitate them? Politicians and religious leaders, who have given example of how they practice morality (one scandal after the other), are railing against the evil of pornography. They sure are a great example.

What is Pornography? Museums and temples have art that some people deem pornographic. Should centuries old temples be destroyed or covered and art work removed from museums? What is obscene? My grandmother said that miniskirts are obscene. Should they be banned? Some people find naked face of women obscene. Should women be obligated to wear a veil from top of the head to to the ankles? What is a community standard? Are we talking about a small rural village or about London? What is a community? Some people are gays, there is a gay community. That community does not object to sex acts among consenting adult members. Another community, church-mosque-temple going abhors.such acts or any acts that defy the moral standards of their religion