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Fact is, not all erotic sites are created equal. So, you ask, what sets one apart from another? Well, you simply need to look to FEMJOY to find the answer.
FEMJOY publishes only the highest quality exclusive nude photos, and every single shot is a masterpiece. Some sites simply "dump" their contact sheets onto the computer. At FEMJOY, they handpick every photo so that you get only the best.
FEMJOY also only works with the finest photographers and models, which leads to the best photos and videos. You will only find incredibly beautiful, natural girls on FEMJOY. And all of the images and videos are bright, clear, and wonderful composed. No wasting your time on sub-par photos and videos. At FEMJOY, it's all about quality.
Finally, FEMJOY is the only site to post videos ALONG WITH photo sets. So you can look at the photos first, and then watch the video. The sensation is incredibly thrilling, and one we strongly recommend :-).
So come to FEMJOY, and discover the difference that quality makes!
FEMJOY Girls - Amateur Excellence
FEMJOY has quickly become famous for having the most beautiful girls on the web inside its site. Sure, many sites have a number of quality looking young women, but EVERY model inside FEMJOY is top quality. So you might ask, how does FEMJOY do it?
The answer is "amateur excellence." They don't work with established models who already "have their thing" down. Instead, they look for amateurs. Regular girls who might do a little modeling, but by and large their main interest in life lies somewhere else. Almost none of them have taken their clothes off for the camera before, but every single one of them is gorgeous enough to be doing it professionally.
FEMJOY amateurs aren't your average "regular girls." These are Perfect 10's who just haven't become jaded by modeling for everyone yet. And they exhibit excellence by being healthy, smart, engaging, curious, dynamic young women. And when they get them to take off their clothes, pure magic happens, because it's meant to be. When an amateur of such excellence gets naked, the effect is indescribably original and alluring.
FEMJOY - The Art of Erotica
There's a distinction in the world of online nude photography. It's between "art" and "erotica." Art is supposed to be appreciated by the higher senses, enjoyed for its form and composition, and viewed from a critical distance. Erotica is supposed to be relished by the lower senses, used for its immediate satisfaction, and viewed as closely, and as uncritically, as possible.
femjoy nude girlsMany sites claim they offer one or the other, but very few sites offer an arousing mixture of both. And no site offers SUCH an arousing mixture as FEMJOY. At FEMJOY, you get both - art and erotica. Arousing images and movies that both stimulate your higher senses and satisfy your deeper needs.
And that's what FEMJOY gives you, in every photo and in every movie. The art of erotica. Like only FEMJOY can!
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The FEMJOY Difference - Teen Women
The word "teen" has gained a whole new meaning thanks to the adult world on the web. It used to be that a "teen" meant anyone from 13 - 19. Now, when it comes to looking at teens on the web, the word means anyone from 18 - ? that "looks" young. But of course with looking at "young" content on the web, you need to be careful to make sure you're not breaking any laws.
That's why FEMJOY is a great place to enjoy "teen" content. All of the models were 18 years or older at the time of photographing, but we do have a number of models who are "teen" looking. But what's great about the FEMJOY teens, like the ones you see to the left, is that they aren't the kind of "teen" that makes you feel guilty or creepy or "wrong" for looking at them.
This is for several reasons. First, FEMJOY's philosophy is very much about "respect for the model." They treat their models like the thoughtful, imaginative, respectable beings they are. Second, their teen models are doing things with their lives - they're students and artists and waitresses and women. Finally, FEMJOY's style of photography not only highlights what's "teenish" about their models, but also what's natural and beautiful about them in a universal a way that doesn't "fetishize" their youngness.
So if you like "teen" content but don't like the creepy feeling some sites can give you, visit FEMJOY. FEMJOY's teens are young women, beautiful, smart, and respected.
What's inside FEMJOY?
When you join FEMJOY you get access to every photo and movie inside the site. This incredible collection of pure nude artistry features super sexy models. All of them are real girls - waitresses, students, musicians - and many of them are posing nude for the first time ever.
Every movie in FEMJOY comes with a corresponding picture set, so you can look at the pictures and then watch them move. All the images come in three sizes - 600, 1000, and 3000 or 4000 pixels and all the photo sets can be downloaded in ZIP files.
But the best thing about joining FEMJOY is the intimate relationship you develop with the girls. With new photos and movies appearing every day, you really get to know the girls as you watch them frolic in nature and develop physically. It's a community of members and models that appreciate pure nudes without all the ugly aspects of porn.
So, that's what you get inside FEMJOY. Fact is, it's wonderful inside. Care to join?

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