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Serving the brats the way that they command is good for the older generation

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Balkan Brat Bojana

The Visitors favorite Goddess is
Balkan Brat Bojana,,, A hell of a goddess
Balkan Brat Bojana
Yes, we do need a Slavic divinity
Be religious. Worship the Goddesses above
Experience the ecstasy of domination by Slavic Girls

Russian Mistress Goddess Alla Shrine

Russian Mistress Alla

Dom Karin

Dom Karin

Ms T humiliation specialist

Mistress T

Sidonia Von Bork

Internationally revered Goddess
Her temple is at The English Mansion
Sidonia Von Bork
The divine Sidonia Von Bork hits people like beasts
What kind of goddess are best? Infernal Goffesses


At Russian Mistress you will find a Pantheon of Goddesses to worship
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Femdom Gold
Oh Merciful Goddess
Give us a woma n who will guide us as sheep and take care of us
Give us a woman who will not spare the rod
Give us a woman to cherish and obey
Give us a woman whose heart is cold and hard as gold
An iron fisted girl we poor wimpy slobs need

Top Domina
Top Domina
Page has prayer to the Pantheon of Goddesses

Femdom Goddess prayer

Heaven! give us a domiant girl to worship and obey!
We need a Femdom Goddess
Without Her we feel like useless rats



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Your Goddesses are here!. Be good and Tithe! You will see Heaven

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Worshipping a Punk Goddess

ѕℓανє ƒσя gιяℓѕ & мιѕтяєѕѕ , a man from Cochin, Kerala, India, wrote this prayer
I. Wait for Goddess's arrival on your hands and knees and
your forehead on the floor...

II. Upon Goddess's arrival, you should greet the Divine Goddess by cupping Her heels in your palms and profusely kissing and licking Her divine feet and shoes entirely
up to Her ankles...

III. You should be able to recognize and identify our Goddess by
Her feet and Her feet alone.

IV. You should never look the Goddess directly in the eye rather we should keep our
eyes down at Her feet while awaiting Her command.

V. You should never question our Goddess's judgment or decision and we should
accept the punishment graciously...

VI. You should not speak unless spoken to and respond in soft,
whisper-like reverential tone...

VII. If you must speak for any reason, that shall be by begging for permission by
sucking on each of Goddess's Divine toes. (The only exceptions to speaking without
permission are while thanking Goddess, for Her Divine blessings and punishment, begging for Her forgiveness or praising Her multi-faceted Goddess beauty).

VIII. You should remain on your knees or on all fours
or lie flat on your back or stomach
while serving the Mistress unless
otherwise commanded...

IX. If our Divine Goddess decides to feed us, we should first "prepare our Mistress feet"
and then be allowed to keep our food under Goddess's soles... and we shall eat crumbs that have been "foot Processed" under Goddess's divine soles.

X. At the end of the day, you should profusely thank
Goddess for the punishment and
beg for her forgiveness by kissing
Feet and Sandals...