Clinical Torments

Where suffering is good and fun?
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Bizarre Fetishes

This is not the end. This is the beginging of the end
Just joking this fun make believe
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Bodage Rubber Clinic will not cure you. They want you to stay sick

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Stay sick... We enjoy curing you
Cliniacal fetish

You would never believe how fun it is to do unecessary surgery
Nurse fetish

Trust your nurse... She is ore insane than you are
We want to make a rubber doll out of you
Rubber fetish

Yes, relax, I am a pain in the neck and I know how to give pain
Torment fetish

Trust me. this will hurt you so much that you will want more
There is nothing wrong if you feel like an idiot... You are an idiot
Clinical Torment Fetish

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Take all thes us a perverted joke. This is not realiity