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You will not be disapointed by these refinded young wifes
They are adorable wifes

Katie Morgan

What happens when you're a bored, freaky couple? Call in the black guy, of course! Just take a look at Katie Morgan and her hubby, Alec. They've been together for years, and as you probably know, years of monogamy will lead to boredom. Their handyman, Jax, is in the backyard working, and since he's pretty much done with the job, how about giving him some more the form of Katie's beautiful, blonde cunt?!? Jax happily agrees, and soon he's on his knees tonguing her beautiful hole while Hubby starts jerking with excitement! Hubby gets more excited as Jax bangs Katie to multiple orgams, cumulating with a splattering of Jax's jizz all over his beautiful wife? What then? Hubby's turn!

Edyn Blair

Edyn Blair might be one of the greatest cuckoldresses this site has ever seen. How so? For the very first time on this site -- and perhaps anywhere on the net -- Edyn dominates, humiliates, and severely destroys the psyche of not one, but two cuckbois! Look at poor Jay Wimp, for example. His pathetic cock and balls have been locked up far too long. So long they're swollen. Just look at them! It appears Edyn will "play nice" when she finally releases Jay from chastity. But not Edyn Blair. Image what CBT (cock-and-ball torture) must be like after months and months of back-up and a severe case of blue balls! Meanwhile, Fluffy Slave (you heard right, this loser actually named himself that) is forced into clean-up duty for the first time ever, which results in a creamy beard. I didn't even mention the 6'5", muscle-bound stud Jax Slayher, who stretches out Edyn's pussy before unloading directly into it! This update will leave you speechless.

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