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 Bossy Girls sponsored productions
Title of production
The original records required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75 for all materials contained in the website are kept by the following Producers and Custodian of Records
3 Goddesses fun day
A Dream of Greek Goddesses
Appreciation of Girls Power
Bad Girls from Brazil
Brutal Female Leadership
Bully Girls from Brazil
Cantankerous Teen Girls
Capricious Divine Princess
Entertainment for a Young Punk
Girls' Sports Club
Haughty are We
Hell Day in Paradise - Brazil
Hilarious Tropical Fun Beat
Middle Aged Care
Obedience School
Pregnant Femdom
Pride Training
Rude Girls
Rude Juvenile Delinquents
Servitude Paradise
Slave Drivers - Brazil
Snob a guy day
Sweet Dreams
Training a Macho Guy

Produced in Brazil
JJL Studio Fotográfico
Rua Padre Adelino 1692
São Paulo, SP

Arrogant Street Hoods
At Their Service
Barbaric Vixens
Born Arrogant
Chattels for Boorish Girls
Cobra in a Babydoll
Cramped Den
Despotic Rascals
Evil Tinkerbells
Extrovert Students
Femdom Wonderland
Goon Princess
Halloween 2009
Harmful Nurses
Hells Belles
Marvelous Slavery
One Wimp Two Bossy Girls
Perverse Stylists
Pushy Girls
Reformatory Girls
Rock Me
Ruthless Punk Schoolgirls
Sadistic Factory Girls
Savage Beatings and Whippings
Slavery Makes You Free
Stepsisters Femdom
Strange Wedding
Tactless Aristocracy
Terrace of Fem Power
The Blondie Adventure
The Disciplinarian
Upper Class Girls
Vipers' Nest
Wicked Forest Witches
Produced in Colombia
by Colombian Superb Femdom Studio
Address not shown for security reasons
Address can be requested by E-mail from Verified USA or Colombian Authorities

Dominant Wife Produced in Sweden
Documentation kept by for Mikhail Valeryevich and Svetlana Valeryeva
Documentation is in Russian Cyrillic
Hungarian Brats Produced in Hungary
Magyar Domina
Address can be requested by E-mail from Verified USA or Costarican Authorities
Rudimentary Femdom Dorma Abua Ridon 011 63 -919- 427-6893
Catalan Compound
San Fernando City, La Union, ZIP 2500 Philippines
Testimonial: We financed one video and were unhappy with them
Princess Addison Adoration Produced in Florida, USA
by Princess Addison
1054 Stocks St. Atlantic Beach, FL 32030
This producer did not deliver all the videos that we paid. They defaulted a 6 minute clip

Playtime for Grandpa - Dance Time
Step on Daddy - The Brooming
Step on Daddy - Unwashed Undies
Total Frustration
Venezuelan Slum Bosses
Produced in Costa Rica
by Elías Solano Studio
Address can be requested by E-mail from Verified USA or Costarican Authorities
Colombian Party
Apartment Thieves
Colombian Drug Lords
Produced in Colombia
Studio Ochoa
Address not shown for security reasons
Address can be requested by E-mail from Verified USA or Colombian Authorities
2 Bimbos' Slave
2 Cats and 1 Dog
2 Harsh Girls
3 Domineering Pests
Abusive Bitches
Adoration of Bossy Punk Girls
All the Power to the Girls
Authoritarian Girls
Bad Manners Girls
Barnyard Femdom
Beat and Ridicule
Brave Girls
Brutal Brat
Bully Girls
Cali Reality
Coercive Force
Cruel Goddesses
Day of the Brassy Punks
Dinky Room Slave
Domination by Jane Guerrero
Double Ass Vacation
Droll Girls
Drunk Abusive Sister
Drunken Rebel Leader
Escape into Femdom
Exigent Missy
Exploitation for Amusement
Femdom Educator Marzo
Femdom Panorama
Femdom Riverside Party
Fun with Fat Boy
Girls' Power Unleashed
Grungy Hags
Gzandra is Pregnant
Hell Day in Paradise - Colombia
Hells Angels
Hot Summer Beat
Household Pet
Inadequate Worthless Bum
Insolent Trashy Girls
Irish Banshees
Jane Guerrero Fantasy 1
Lackey for Proletarian Girls
Malignant Floozies
Maternity Ward Slave
Mean Streak Girls
Motel Femdom
Night of the Dummy
Offensive Girls
Oldster Management
Pernicious Witches
Playground for Yah
Precious Girlfriends
Precious Punks
Pregnant Femdom
Rat Pack
Rebel Girls
Rehabilitation Team
Rotten to the Core
Rump Dance
Selfish Slavedriver
Shack of Filthy Princesses
Slave Drivers - Colombia
Slave Trainers
Slum Baronesses
Strike and Enslave
Submissive Peon
Summer Frolic
Treat them like Trash
Vicious Young-and Uncivilized
We Scorn You
Wimps are us
Worshipping a Punk Goddess
Young and Cruel
Colombian Femdom Studio
Address not shown for security reasons
Address can be requested by E-mail from Verified USA or Colombian Authorities
The media was financed by us for our exclusive use. Any resale by the procedures or others of the material financed by us constitutes theft and is prosecutable in USA and foreign courts

The above list of videos is not copmplete
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Purchased or licensed productions for display at Bossy Girls with non-exclusive license
Title Custodian of Records
Artificial Femdom
Asian Pony Ride Arsenal Computer
P. O. Box 5723 Topeka KS 66605
Why Cheating hurts
Not so gentle_part_1_hdv
Zero Tolerance
Licensed from
this site ceased to exist
Czech Teasers Jakub Jehlicka
P.O. BOX 1
530 09 Pardubice
Czech Republic
Chinese Korean Femdom
중국어 한국어 여왕 님
Complies with Chinese and Korean laws. All participants above age 19
copyright by - Released to Public
Dream Bosses
Adriana Exhibit
Greg Gregory
3300 NE 192nd ST LP11
Miami, Florida     33180
Progressive Stupidity OUNIQUE INC.
Jeff White,
5759 Tujunga Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601
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