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Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom is an organization dedicated to promote the benefits of youthful female domination for the benefit of outstanding girls and their lackeys

Bossy Girls - International Teen Femdom Slogans

Search for female leadership to experience the joy of female leadership

Seek femdom till you find a wondergirl
Then be be under her feet to obediently serve
Worship her as your earthly goddess because she is precious

Teen Girls are splendid leaders.
They should be revered, respected and obeyed with joy and pride.
There should be no shame in submission to femdom.
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* It is the right of submissive men to worship women as their Earthly Goddesses

* Be humble. Respect and obey outstanding dominant girlhood. Be useful to female emancipation.
* Behind every strong woman there is a weak man
* Humility is a virtue. Practice it under the leadership of outstanding girls
* To be piss slave of a superior girls is one the most thrilling and rewarding tasks for those who support femdom
* Worthless guys can approach fine ladies only as slaves
* Honor female power
* To be under girls' direction is good for meek gentle people
* Femdom is a wonderful experience for girls and their lackeys
* The joy of subservience to girls authority
* Quality femdom is worthwhile the cost
* Nothing better than 3 girls ruling over you

*Adore and serve the precious Teen Girls as divine princesses  

*Serve honor and obey superior domineering teen girls as earthly goddesses  

*To submit meekly to a Teen Goddess, to be accepted to serve her as a Divine Princess, is a thrill and an honor for submissive people. A Superior Teen Girl with a tough punk attitude to command and be obeyed is precious

  * Punk Teen Girls are entitled to use people for their amusement and service. Willing people who are admitted to serve them are very lucky

* Teenybopper can demand the respect and the adoration that they deserve from their elders. Those admitted to serve a teenybopper feel like they are in heaven  

*Self-esteem is good for Teen Girls. Those who serve them and adore them with enthusiasm are useful to the future leaders. Those who serve and adore outstanding Teen Girls elevate the Teen prestige and leadership abilities 

*Outstanding Teen Girls have the right to impose their will on those who want to serve them as Divine Princesses and adore them as Teen Goddesses 

* The satisfaction to be under the authority of an exceptional Teen Girl is an ecstasy and elation for the humble.

*The Divine Princesses who subjugates the lowly to their service and permit to be revered as Teen Goddess are a precious gift to mankind *Superior Teen Girls deserve the veneration as Goddesses and the obedience due to  Divine Princess. Those who subject themselves to their authority are dignified when approved to serve them and adore them

*Superior Teen Girls  expect and deserve to  find those who will worship them as  Goddesses  and obey them as Divine Princesses

*Gratitude from the humbles to their Teen Goddesses and desire to obey their orders for their amusement and profit is commendable
Yes! once they are trained they serve you well

Slogans to emphasize the respect, honor, prestige, adoration, deference for Superior Teen Girls who deserve to be adored as Teen Goddesses and obeyed as Divine Princesses can be posted here. Credit is given unless you do not wish it. Write to Bossy Girls
* Serve young girlhood, increase your humility, practice obedience to superior girls’ directives, and revere young womanhood

*Teen Girls Legs are a tool of power to subdue and rule!

*Japanese girls have a polite superiority and they rule with grace fully over those who accept their authority and they have fun doing that. Their subjects are happy to see that the Goddesses are pleased

*People who obey, adore and serve outstanding teen girls, who accept them as their superiors, who are willing to be used by the superb teen girls as the girls see fit, who are proud to expose their desire for servitude to these magnificent teen girls in public are courageous indeed and deserve an applause. The Teen Girls who get obeyed and adored are praiseworthy and precious gifts to humanity.

*Humble and meek people are eager to be directed by outstanding Teen Girls and adore them

*Dominant teen girls are the future of female domination and must be encouraged to exercise their power and authority so that the next generation of successful rulers will grow

*Always ready to serve the Divine Teen Girls and Goddesses

*Serving a Teen Goddess is the greatest honor any one can have

*Yes, Teen Girls should have authority to do as they please. All others should obey and adore these superb precious divine young ladies

*Praise and glorify the brave teen girls whom people obey and adore as divine princesses

*Bossy Teen Girls deserve adoration and obedience from servile people

*Come to adore and serve the domineering bossy teen girls

*Servitude and obedience to young teen girls will benefit you and the the divine princesses

*It is thrilling for submissive people to adore and obey teen girls as divine princesses

*Sisters .. Take Control, Spread your Wings! Dominate! You have the right!

*Teen Girls should rule the world

*To kneel in front of a teen goddess is not weakness. It is a strong act of devotion.

*To feel weak, to feel inadequate in front of the imposing presence of superior teen girls is normal.

*Respect, revere, honor and obey the precious young girls as divine royalty

*Girls who know how to use wimps. Femdom at its best: Teen Girls who manage people as they wish

*It is written that some people were born to be slave of domineering girls

*Superior girls have the right to beat people who are their willingly servants for any reason that the precious girls decide

*Arrogant girls decisions should be obeyed and not argued

*Serving our glorious young domineering teen girls gives us joy and honors the divine princesses

*Let Triumphant Femdom lead you to the path of total joy under superb girls leadership

*Uphold the dignity of teen girl rule by humble servitude

*Precious domineering young girls deserve to do as they please
Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.

-- Gandhi