femdom doctrine
Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom is an organization dedicated to promote the benefits of youthful female domination for the benefit of outstanding girls and their lackeys


Be happy, there is someone above you who takes care to guide through the path of servitude

Adoration and veneration of young domineering girls as divine princesses.

Submissions to their whims as heavenly mandates.

This is a growing new religion that has International following. The purpose of this site is to spread the doctrine that worship of authoritarian teen girls is a mandate for the weak and vacillating who have a desire to be under the leadership outstanding girls.

Girls are welcome to take care of the sheep and to profit from their servitude and rejoice in being glorified as earthly goddesses. This place is for your profit and amusement. The meek deserve to be under your heels.

Our elders were made to serve and obey us Divine Teen Princesses. Our age peers can dream about the honor we could bestow on them if we accept them as lackeys.