Femdom Fantasies

by Lila Sovietskaya

Femdom, Female domination fantasy, is seen by the majority of people as a sexual deviation, an aberration, a sadomasochist activity. At Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom, we have a different viewpoint. We see it as an outlet of desires shared by many people through the world. There are outstanding young girls that have a domineering attitude and there are people who yearn to be their subjects

Homosexuals struggled hard for acceptance. They are still seen with disdain by many people. The femdom community faces similar obstacles or even higher. A Christian church organization that accepts gays and lesbians flatly rejected the femdom community.

Bossy Teen Girls International Femdom invites you to express your viewpoint at Superb Young Femdom. We want to make the world aware of phenomenon and examine it without prejudice.

Pseudo slaves

by Lila Sovietskaya

Many so called slaves are actually masters in disguise. They begin with "I want..." they do not ask what the dominant girl wants. If I pay attention to them and they do nothing for me, then I would be providing a free service and they would not be my slaves, I would be theirs. This is something that many self proclaimed slaves do not understand.

Here is what I want , slaves wiling to work and contribute. See Femdom Legion
If they do not want to work or spend money, they are of no value to us

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