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Yes, spitting is fun and legal...   :-)   You deserve it
Spitting helps establish a good relation between dominant girls and those who are submissive to them
Be useful to young dynamic girls... become their Spittoon

Spitting on someone can be thought of as a manner to elevate the stature of the girl's authority, prestige and honor. The willing acceptance of spit shows that the individual accept his or her submissive role.

Spitting is fun. It is a thrilling experience for those who receive it. At Bossy Girls International Teen Femdom, we support spitting. We show them in our videos. The guys who receive them are not offended. They are pleased to amuse the precious young darlings who spit on them. Receiving spits is also good to develop an attitude and humility and reverence to young superior girls who deserve to adored and revered as divine princesses.  Let our precious young girls have fun and spit on the face and mouth of their volunteering recipient.  Receiving a spit on the face is not humiliating if these is what the recipient desires and consents.  A question comes to mind, is it against the US laws for a pre-18 year old girl to spit on a consenting adult or is it child corruption?

 You can find some good spitting action in the femdom video store Spitting Category This might appear as commercial spam, it is not, we try to survive in the Internet to sustain triumphant juvenile femdom (18+ only) and their rights to spit on people who are eager to receive their spit. We need to sell videos to maintain the web site.

Bossy Girls advocates spitting among consenting adults as a fun thrilling activity. Spitting methodologies:
Spiting on the face and unto the mouth is the most satisfying. Other part of the body can also be used as spit receptacles. The main types are Slow Dribble, Fast Loud and spray. Other interesting variation of this noble activity are: food and drink spitting nose phlegm discharges. Spitting on submissive folks is a good manner to have fun while pissing on them.

Spitting is a good way to leave your chemical imprint in the body of the slave. Some of your proteins and antigens are now in him. It also helps assert your dominance and improve his humility so that other girls might puke into his mouth for additional benefit. Share this page on femdom sites, groups, forums and among friends who appreciate femdom

Our Spits are for you No they are not free

Spits helps to improving the humility of the recipient
Spits elevate your prestige and power on the submissive

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Miley Cyrus bravely spits on her adoring fans who paid a lot of money to see her
Spitting on people who appreciate your spits is a bold act for dominant spoiled brats

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Photo of Miley Cyrus Spitting on adoring paying audience

Miley Cyrus Spitting on adoring paying audience
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