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Domina Geschichten - Storie di dominazione femminile - Histoires de femdom

The wave of the future?
Under these Boots You Will Submit - Femdom Stories
Under these Boots You Will Submit
These boots will walk all over you

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Teen Femdom

A maids plaything

A Wedding in Cathedral Heights

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Good Girls Do Not Take Their Clothes Off In Front of Boys

Her property


How I became a Woman's slave


Humiliation Scene in BDSM

Julie's_Decision A bad story


Legend of Empress of China

Malaysian Face Sitting

Muslim Teacher Made Me Her Slave





The view from above


Violent Wife

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* GUIDANCE to Story publishing
* The story must reflect the Ideology of this group* It must glorify and exalt the Teen Goddess
* It should have redeeming moral values that reflect the following:

Submission to a Teen Goddess can be a positive thing for the Superior Girl and for those who serves herb. Subjugation should be seen as a game or as an erotic experience not as a sadomasochistic activity meant to hurt people

Whatever the activity is, it should never lead to permanent physical or spiritual damage. Those who submit should not feel bad about themselves

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8. We have published a few other stories in this website free area. If you have the patience to explore you will find

Femdom Stories
Poetry reading, in Spanish, for Ms. Leila
from Video Femdom Wonderland
02 - Romantic Poetry reading for Leila

Femdom Story
Poetry reading, in Spanish, for Ms. Yasmin
from Video Femdom Wonderland
03 - Romantic Poetry reading for Yasmin *

Though both videos are good, Poetry reading for Ms. Yasmin
is the best because of Ms. Yasmin Temperamental character

Mr. Goha, the reader, is a literature professor
Ms. Leila and Ms. Yasmin were students
What he reads is classic literature and not a femdom story
The videos are about femdom shoulder rides